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Colombian lawyer involved with hiring Breuer as an urban planning consultant to the city of Bogotá.



Draftsman on Thompson House c. 1947-48.


Draftsman on Frank House c. 1939.




Draftsman in Breuer's office c. 1954.


Draftsman in Breuer's office c. 1956.

Draftsman on Thompson House.



Draftsman in Breuer's office c. 1943.



1890 - 1977

Sculptor. Born in Russia, he was involved in the Constructivist movement in the second decade of the twentieth century. He later worked across Europe and the US, including a productive stint in Germany where he came into contact with many of the major players at the Bauhaus. Breuer met Gabo in the 1930s in London and in 1954, asked him to produce a monumental outdoor sculpture...

Professor, Carnegie Institute of Technology and employee, Kaufmann Department Stores, Inc.

Gadsby contacted Breuer, inquiring if he had produced designs for moderately priced apartments. He hoped to use those designs in his native Australia. Breuer also asked Gadsby to help his friend and former colleague, Joszef Fischer, immigrate to Australia.


Colombian architect. During his 1947 trip to South America, Breuer worked with Gaitan Cortes on urban planning proposals for Bogota, including a report on city markets.

Electrical engineer. He consulted on Breuer and Lawrence Anderson's unbuilt design for the War Memorial (Cambridge Honor Roll).

Editor, Pencil Points magazine. Pencil Points merged with Progressive Architecture in 1943.

Employee, T. R. Nunan Co. His company supplied linoleum for the Hagerty House bathroom.

Employee, "Old Man" De Silva Sign Co. His company bid on signage for the Eastern Air Lines Ticket Office , but the job went to Hackett's Sign Shop.

Heating and ventilation consultant for the Englund House.

Contract Department, Kaufmann Department Stores, Inc. Gallaher handled many furniture and fabric orders for the Frank House.

Employee, American Field Service.

Dean of the School of Architecture, University of Southern California.

Employee, Skol Products. Breuer wrote a letter to Gallowhur requesting advice for his friend, Hans Falkner, head of the Ober-Gurgl ski school, who needed to leave Austria for political reasons in the late 1930s. Breuer sent out numerous letters like this on behalf of his friend.

Argentinian architect.

Chairman of the P. E. Gane Furniture Co. Through his participation in the Design Industry Association, Gane became interested in Modernism. He began to supply and manufacture modern furniture and commissioned two projects from Breuer and Yorke. The first constituted the remodeling and redecorating of Gane's existing house. The second and more influential project was the 1936 Gane's Pavilion for the Royal Agricultural Show in...

Director of Radio, William H. Weintraub and Co., Inc. He advised Breuer on the ventilation for the record and film storeroom of the Weintraub Agency offices.

Garbarini, Inc. Garbarini was a contractor who prepared an estimate for the Lawnhurst House.

Manager, New York District, Shell Chemical Corp. At Breuer's request, Garland send a sample of Methyl Ethyl Ketone for possible use in Breuer's design for the Museum of Modern Art's International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture.

Garlin inquired about the insulation and heating used in the Tompkins House.

Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Architects, Department of Civil Service and Registration.

Architect and partner of Marcel Breuer. Gatje graduated from Cornell University's College of Architecture in 1951. He worked for Percival Goodman and Skidmore, Owings and Merrill before joining Breuer's office in 1953. He was offered an associateship in 1956 and became a partner in 1965. He established the Paris office of Marcel Breuer and Associates, working on many of the firm's French projects, including...

Employee, Shalen and Konover, Inc. His company supplied the cork board ceilings and soffits for the first Gagarin House.

Research Department, Click magazine. She requested material on post-war trends in modern furniture and interior decoration but the magazine folded before the story could run.

Lawyer who represented Breuer in his contract dispute with Anton Lorenz, one of Breuer’s partners at Standard-Möbel. Standard-Möbel was the furniture company that Breuer started in approximately 1926 with another Hungarian architect, Kalman Lengyel, to produce Breuer’s furniture designs.

1922 - 2007

Furniture designer and manufacturer. In the 1960s, Gavina acquired the rights to manufacture Breuer's Wasily and Cesca chairs and the Laccio table, finally bringing Breuer's designs to a wider audience. Knoll bought the rights to Gavina's holdings in 1968.

Employee, University Travel Co.

Owner, the John M. Geary Co., building construction. Geary expressed interest in bidding on Gropius and Breuer's scheme for Black Mountain College. The project was never built.

General Manager, Fortune magazine. Geer sent Breuer a copy of the article "Houses for Human Beings" at the suggestion of Herbert Bayer.

Employee, Schuster and Geiger. Her firm produced furniture according to Breuer's designs for projects such as the Clark House and the Robinson House.

Worked in the Gropius and Breuer office on the New Kensington Defense Housing Project.

Employee, Bemo Shipping Co.

Genz filed the drawings for the House in the Museum Garden with the Building Department.

Employee, Freeborn and Co., Inc. His company supplied fire insurance for the Smith House.

Breuer wrote a statement of support for Gergely, helping him immigrate to Canada.

Gerson asked Breuer for advice about studying interior decorating in England or anywhere outside Germany.

Gerstel owned the Prague furniture factory Emil Gerstel. He also worked for the Home Furniture Division of Thonet and wondered if Gropius or Breuer would participate in a New York exhibition of new furniture.

Manager, Elmsford Sheet Metal Works, Inc. They submitted estimates for a warm air heating system for the Englund House.

Gibberd purchased Breuer-designed Isokon nesting tables and four dining chairs when Jack Pritchard sold off the remaining Isokon stock in 1946.


Employee in Gropius and Breuer office. Gibbs worked on the Frank House.

Employee, General Electric Appliances, Inc. She handled appliance orders for the Englund and Hanson houses.

Information Service, Permanent Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Crafts, Inc. He provided Breuer with information on raffia suitable for upholstery or wall covering.

Son of Sigfried Giedion.

1888 - 1968

Swiss architectural historian, critic, teacher and writer. He received his doctorate in art history in 1922, having studied under Heinrich Wölfflin. He was one of the founders of CIAM (the Congrès Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne) and served as its secretary general for many years. His book “Space, Time and Architecture,” which originated in the Charles Eliot Norton Lectures given at Harvard University during the winter of 1938-39,...

1893 - 1979

Art historian and writer. Wife of Sigfried Giedion and close friend of Breuer’s. She studied under Heinrich Wölfflin in Munich, like her husband, and would go on to write one of the first comprehensive books on modern sculpture, Modern Plastic Art: Elements of Reality, Volume and Disintegration (1937) later revised as “Contemporary Sculpture: An Evolution in Volume and Space “ (1954). She and Breuer often discussed...

In 1947, Gietz extended an official invitation for Breuer to give lectures on housing and urban planning at the University of Buenos Aires.

Chairman of the Housing Committee, Chelsea Association for Planning and Action. Gilbert asked Breuer for advice regarding low-cost dwellings and slum clearance.

Member of the Board which granted building permits for Pleasantville, NY. Breuer requested a variance for the kitchen of the Englund House.

Employee, Columbia Storage Warehouses.

Gilford Leather Co. His company supplied leather used in furniture upholstery for the Frank House and the Ferry Cooperative Dormitory at Vassar College. They wanted to display a photograph of the Frank interior in their showroom and planned to use it in advertising.

Employee, Heal and Son, Ltd. His company displayed an Isokon Long Chair in their showroom.

Employee, Kane Manufacturing Co. His company manufactured custom screen doors used in the Robinson House and the first Gagarin House.

Custom Sales Engineer, Radio Corp. of America.


Gitlin supplied Luxo lamps for the Starkey House.

Employee, Tibo Corp.

Employee, Rudolf Wendel, Inc. His company was the lighting subcontractor for projects like the Thompson House.

Employee, New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Co.

Professor, the London School of Economics and Political Science. Glass purchased a Breuer-designed Isokon dining table when Jack Pritchard sold off the remaining Isokon stock in 1946.

Employee, Herman Miller Furniture Co. Herman Miller was one of the earliest suppliers of modern furniture in the United States and provided furniture for many of Breuer's projects.

Agent, Rhea Lightning Rod Co. His company provided an estimate for lightning protection for the Fischer House and Studio.

Everett S. Glines and Co., manufacturer of fabricated steel and aluminum products including Infra Accordion Aluminum Insulation.

Novelist and architecture critic. He had served as the Chairman of the Design and Industries Association. He was also a member of a committee which was responsible for the display content of a stand designed by Walter Gropius. Jack Pritchard hoped the stand would be displayed in stores like John Lewis and Co., Ltd. and Peter Jones. Pritchard also contacted Gloag for advice possible lecture...

Painting subcontractor for the second Breuer house in New Canaan, CT.

Hugo Gnam and Son, Inc. Gnam hoped to manufacture custom furniture for the Frank House but the commissions went to Schmieg and Kotzian and Harry Meyers Co.

Managing editor for Architectural Record.

Treasurer, Boston Blue Print Co., Inc.

Sales Promotion Department, Plastics Division, Monsanto Chemical Co.

Executive, Zeiss Ikon A. G. Goerz-Werk. His company supplied lighting for the Deutsche Werkbund section of the 1930 Paris exhibition organized by the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs.

Employee, New York Plumbing Supply Co.

Employee, William Gold, Inc. His company supplied carpets for a number of Breuer projects, including Breuer's second house in New Canaan, CT. and the Ferry Cooperative Dormitory at Vassar College.

Architecture critic. Goldberger currently writes the "Sky Line" column for The New Yorker. He began his career as architecture critic for the New York Times, where he won a Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Criticism in 1984. He also holds the Joseph Urban Chair in Design and Architecture at The New School in New York City.

President, Golden Construction Co. His company served as contractor for the Lauck House.

Goldfinger expressed interest in purchasing a Breuer-designed Isokon dining table when Jack Pritchard sold off the remaining Isokon stock in 1946.

Breuer's personal doctor.

Postmaster, United States Post Office, New York, NY.

Employee, Plymold Corp. In 1945, Breuer approached Goldman about producing his furniture designs.

Worked for the Indoor Rays Company, the subcontractor that installed radiant heating in projects such as the first Breuer house in New Canaan, the Clark House, the House in the Museum Garden, the Lauck House, the Pack House and the first Stillman House.

Employee, Simon Manges and Son, Inc. His company supplied the living room carpet for the Pack House.

Helped start the short-lived New Furniture Inc., which was interested in supplying Breuer's Isokon plywood furniture to an American market. Goldstone contacted Breuer at Wallace K. Harrison's suggestion.

Employee, Wm. B. Remington, Inc. Advertising. His firm utilized the Robinson House in an advertisement for the H. B. Smith Co., makers of a boiler used in the house.

Secretary, Boston Society of Architects.

Managing Editor, The Architectural Forum.

Director of Information, Cement and Concrete Association. Breuer and his partner, F. R. S. Yorke, created a large model of the Garden City of the association. It was displayed at the London Building Exhibition of 1936 and represented residential and business sections of a "new seaside town in England."

Secretary to the President of Vassar College, Sarah Gibson Blanding.

Contractor. Breuer invited Goodwin to submit an estimate for the Levy House, but the contract eventually went to Bard Construction Co., Inc.

Architect and member of a Museum of Modern Art committee involved with the House in the Museum Garden.

Member of a Museum of Modern Art committee involved with the House in the Museum Garden.

Employee, Gilford Leather Co. His company supplied leather used in furniture upholstery for the Frank House and the Ferry Cooperative Dormitory at Vassar College.

Department of Preventive Medicine, Harvard University Medical School. Breuer sent him material regarding a hospital in Bristol that had been forwarded by Crofton Gane.

Employee, Kaufmann Department Stores, Inc.

1899 - 1981

French painter and sculptor. He wrote an open letter to the Groupe Espace concerning the synthesis of the arts, entitled "La Synthese des Arts Majeurs Est-Elle Possible?."

Employee, County Homes, Inc. His company owned the development in which Paul Rand intended to build a home.

Gorn Brothers, Inc., developer. Gorn showed Breuer's project for Baltimore Garden Apartments to representatives of the Federal Housing Administration and an insurance company.

Professor who acted as an intermediary between Gropius and the Staatlichen Bernsteinmanufaktur in Königsberg in relation to the Deutsche Werkbund section of the 1930 Paris exhibition organized by the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs.

Manager of Housing Projects, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. His company developed the Stuyvesant Town housing development, for which Breuer created an alternate proposal that he called Stuyvesant Six.

1902 - 1971

With Sigfried Giedion and Werner Moser, Graber founded Wohnbedarf to promote modern furniture and design, including Breuer's aluminum chairs. Graber continued to help Breuer obtain furnishings occasionally, even after Breuer had moved to the U.S.

New York State Director, Federal Housing Administration.

Employee, the Airolite Co. His company manufactured louvers used in the ventilation system of thefor the Hagerty House.

Engineer who designed the heating layout for the addition to the Scott House.

Sales Engineering Dept., American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corp. They supplied heating registers for the Chamberlain Cottage.

Life magazine. Graves helped organize a tour of Breuer's first home in New Canaan, CT.

Employee, the A. W. Burritt Co. His company manufactured screens and doors for the Clark House.

President, Grayline Engineering Co. They fabricated and installed the record listening table at the Grosse Pointe Public Library.

Architect and partner at the firm of Kilham, Hopkins and Greeley. He invited Breuer to join the Boston Society of Architects and the American Institute of Architects.

Secretary, Pennsylvania State Board of Examiners of Architects.

Vice President, Furniture Division, the Mengel Co. The architect Morris Sanders forwarded Green information on Breuer's work with laminates, instructing him to get in touch with Breuer if he was interested in manufacturing Breuer's furniture designs.

Electrical and lighting consultant for the Ferry Cooperative Dormitory at Vassar College and the Grosse Pointe Public Library.

1915 - 1957

Architect and employee in Breuer's office c. 1952-1956. She worked on the Grosse Pointe Public Library. Greene is believed to be the first African-American woman to become an architect in the United States.

Secretary to the Corporation, Harvard University.

Engineer, Fred S. Dubin. His company devised the heating, plumbing and ventilation systems for the first Gagarin House.

President, Heywood-Wakefield Co. Breuer approached the company regarding the manufacture of bent plywood chairs and post-war manufacturing possibilities.

Greenwood Custom Interiors and Contract Sales, Inc. Greenwood bid on the furniture commission for the Bryn Mawr dormitory but his estimate was too high. He had previously worked at Irvin and Casson - A. H. Davenport Co., which manufactured chairs and sofas for the lobby of the B. B. Chemical Co.

Argentinian architect.

In 1954, inspired by a visit to the Clark House, Griceo commissioned a house in Andover, MA.

Employee, Marsh Tours. She helped organize Breuer's travel for a 1938 trip to Mexico.

Employee, Matthews Construction Co., Inc. His company submitted an estimate for the Lauck House, but the commission when to the Golden Construction Co.

Employee, Hemphill, Noyes and Co.

Groag purchased Breuer-designed nesting tables when Jack Pritchard sold off the remaining Isokon stock in late 1946.

Lawyer, Root, Ballantine, Harland, Bushby and Palmer. His firm advised Breuer during contract with clients such as the Weintraub Agency and James Smith.

1883 - 1969


Grossman Steel Stair Corp. Breuer contacted him about work for the House in the Museum Garden.

Manager (Denver office), Glass Sales, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. His company supplied the glass for many of Breuer's residential projects, including the Smith House.

Lawyer and partner in the firm of Roberts, Cushman and Grover.

Employee, the Darien Lumber Co. His company provided wood and other building materials for Breuer's first house in New Canaan, CT.

Employee, the Darien Lumber Co. His company provided wood and other building materials for Breuer's first house in New Canaan, CT.

Secretary to Charles A. Newhall, landlord for Breuer and Gropius's office in Cambridge, MA.

Draftsman in Breuer's office c. 1958.

Employee, Interiors magazine. She was interested in publishing the Easter Air Lines Ticket Office in the magazine's yearbook for 1945.

Photographer. One of Guerrero's photographs of Breuer's first house in New Canaan, CT. was used in an advertisement for the New York Telephone Co.

Photographer. Guillemaut photogrpahed the UNESCO headquarters compelex in Paris.

Representative of Stylclair who negotiated a new agreement between the furniture company and Breuer upon the reorganization of the company in 1937.

Employee, Consumer's Research, Inc.

Employee, Eastern Air Lines, Inc. Breuer designed ticket offices for the airline in the Boston Statler Hotel.

Writer on architecture and urbanism whose work appeared in publications like Architectural Record and the New York Herald Tribune. Gutheim often served in an advisory capacity in Washington, DC. From 1952 to 1957, he served on the National Capital Regional Planning Council. From 1958 to 1960, Gutheim was the staff director of the Joint Congressional Committee on Washington Metropolitan Problems. From 1960 to...

Employee, L'Architecture d'auhourd'hui.

Patent lawyer. Gwatkin advised Breuer on a contract with an unspecified Swiss company to manufacture his furniture.