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Japanese sculptor. He created a sculpture for the patio of the first Gagarin House.

Architect. Nagel requested information on the manufacturer of the curtain tracks used in Breuer's House in Lincoln, MA.

Dr. Nalles considered building a version of the House in the Museum Garden.

Not the same as Frieda Napier.


Nelson inquired whether Breuer would be interested in writing an article on "Tomorrow's Homes" for a family consumer magazine.

1908 - 1986

American designer and writer. He worked in a variety of editorial and management positions at Architectural Forum from 1934 to 1939 and published a number of Breuer projects, including the New Kensington Defense Housing and the Chamberlain Cottage (both executed in partnership with Walter Gropius). Nelson also invited Gropius and Breuer to enter the competition for the Wheaton College Art Center. In 1946, Nelson became design...

Consulting architect for the first Geller House.

Photographer. Nemuth photographed Breuer's second house in New Canaan, CT. He is most famous, however, for his photographs and film of Jackson Pollock.

1891 - 1979


Argentinian architect.

Draftsperson in Breuer's office c. 1950-1957.

Architect and draftsman in Breuer's office c. 1950-1957.

Secretary, John Hall Heating - Plumbing - Supplies. Hall was the heating, plumbing and electrical subcontractor for the Thompson House.

Treasurer, Vulcan Rail and Construction Co. Vulcan manufactured the sunshade for the Smith House.

Professor at the Staatliche Bauhochschule in Weimar. Walter Gropius inquired whether any items produced by the Bauhochschule might be suitable for the Deutsche Werkbund section of the 1930 Paris exhibition organized by the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs.

German architect based in Wiesbaden. Neuser was the associated architect who oversaw construction of the second Harnischmacher House.

1892 - 1970

Viennese architect and writer. He graduated from the Technische Hochschule in Vienna in 1917. He was deeply influenced by the work of Otto Wagner and Adolf Loos. In 1921 he joined Erich Mendelsohn’s office in Berlin, leaving to emigrate to the United States in late 1923. Neutra first worked in Chicago for Holabird and Roche and spent a few months with Wright at Taliesin before...

Photographer. Newbery photographed Breuer's plywood nesting table for Isokon.

Secretary, John Cullo Marble Co., Inc. His firm provided flower boxes for the Weintraub Agency offices.

Landlord for Breuer and Gropius's office in Cambridge, MA.

President, Ward Carpenter Engineers, Inc. Newman's firm surveyed the property on which the Rand House would be built.

Chief, Construction Section, Division of Defense Housing, Federal Works Agency. Newmann helped oversee the construction of the Aluminum City Terrace defense housing project.

Consulting engineer for the Long Beach Hospital Nurses' Residence.

President, The Theodore Schwamb Co. His company manufactured furniture for the first Geller House.

Contractor for the Scott House.

Commercial Representative, The Southern New England Telephone Co.

Employee of Knoll Associates, Inc. Knoll was one of the earliest suppliers of modern furniture in the United States and supplied furniture for many of Breuer's projects.

Service Representative, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co.

Employee, Berliner Bildbericht. Niemann helped publicize the Deutsche Werkbund section of the 1930 Paris exhibition organized by the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs.

Police Chief, Kings Point, NY. Niemsling was also responsible for issuing building permits.

Photographer. Nisberg photographed the UNESCO headquarters complex in Paris.

Sculptor. He also was an instructor at Harvard's School of Design in the mid-1950s. Breuer's client, Mrs. Pack, hoped to acquire two of his sculptures for her house.

American sculptor. Noguchi was born to a Japanese father and American mother. He spent his childhood in Japan but returned to the United States in 1918. Noguchi studied with Gutzon Borglum and worked as Brancusi's studio assistant for six months in the late 1920s. In addition to abstract sculptures, Noguchi created set designs for Martha Graham's dance company, public plazas and gardens, including a garden...


Draftsman for Breuer c. 1932.

Director, Norman and Brown, Ltd. Norman's company assembled and finished Isokon Long Chairs in 1937.

Designer. After reading Breuer's criticism of modern lamp design in Retailing magazine, Norman sent Breuer photographs of a lamp he had designed.

Lighting Division, The Detroit Edison Co.

Breuer first met Lady Norton, known as “Peter,” while skiing in the Tyrol with Herbert Bayer. With Rita Strettel, she ran the London Gallery, which focused on contemporary art. Lady Norton acknowledged that Breuer’s guidance had been invaluable in determining the program of the gallery.

Employee of Jacobson and Co., Inc., the acoustical subcontractor for the Fischer House and Studio. His firm also installed floor tiles and carpets for the Weintraub Agency offices.

In 1931, Notterdam asked Breuer to provide material on theater and movie theater design for a book he was writing.

Employee of New Design, Inc., the company that helped Breuer to furnish the House in the Museum Garden.

1910 - 1977

American architect and designer. He received a master’s degree in architecture from Harvard University in 1938 and joined Gropius and Breuer’s firm upon graduation. He served as the Director of the Department of Industrial Design at the Museum of Modern Art from 1939 to 1946. In 1947, he joined Breuer’s practice in an effort to add industrial-design to the services the firm offered. Noyes worked...

Employee in Breuer's office c. 1939. He worked on the preliminary sketches for the Fischer House and Studio.

Lighting Sales, Frank C. Teal Co., lighting supplier.

Heating subcontractor for the Wolfson Trailer House.