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Draftsman on St. John's c. 1957.




Director, Vereinigte Werkstätten für Kunst im Handwerk A. G. His company undertook the execution of furniture for rooms designed by Breuer featured in the Deutsche Werkbund section of the 1930 Paris exhibition organized by the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs.

1918 - 1985

American photographer. Page won a Guggenheim fellowship in 1949-50 and used that year to photograph street scenes in New York City. In 1950, he participated in a pivotal Museum of Modern Art photography symposium, alongside photographers such as Walker Evans and Irving Penn. Page shot the portrait of Breuer featured on the home page of this site.

Executive Director, Allegheny County Housing Authority.

Sheetrock Salesman, United States Gypsum Co.

Chairman of the Advisory Board of Architects for Goucher College. Gropius and Breuer withdrew from the competition to design the college's Townson, MD. campus before producing a design.

Engineer. He developed the radiant heating system for the Fischer House, Guest Cottage.

MP Concert Installations. Paneyko manufactured a record listening table for the Grosse Pointe Public Library.

Architect and partner of Marcel Breuer. Papachristou earned a B.A. in architecture and an M.F.A. from Princeton University. He founded his own office in Boulder, Co. before joining Breuer’s firm in 1965. He became a partner in 1974. He was the MBA resident partner in the Middle East and spent long periods in the firm’s Paris office. He worked on numerous projects....

Architect involved with CIAM (Congrès internationaux d'architecture moderne). Breuer enlisted Papadaki to oversee the renovations for the offices of the Commission on Community Interrelations of the American Jewish Congress.


Employee, Wm. H. Jackson Sales Corp. His company supplied fireplace equipment for projects like the Thompson and Herrick houses.

President, Parkwood Corp. They provided information on products that made new uses of laminations and plywood during the course of Breuer’s research for the Low-Cost Furniture Competition for the Museum of Modern Art.

She wrote to Breuer requesting publicity material for the first Hooper house for the program of a tour of modern houses organized by the Wellesley College Club of Baltimore.

Member of the Committee for the House in the Museum Garden.

President of the Committee of Artistic Advisors for the UNESCO Headquarters buildings.

Employee, W. and S. Sloane. His company supplies mattresses for the first Geller House.

Employee of Armstrong Associates, Inc. His company was interested in manufacturing Breuer's plywood nesting tables. With Alvar and Aino Aalto, he eventually manufactured and sold furniture through the firm Artek-Pascoe, Inc..

Employee, Artek-Pascoe, Inc. Her company supplied furniture for the Weizenblatt House.

Italian architect. He requested material for a book on Breuer.

Heating subcontractor for the Hagerty House.


Director, Aluminiumwerk-Walzerk Singen. His company provided aluminum wall coverings for the Deutsche Werkbund section of the 1930 Paris exhibition organized by the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs.

Amateur photographer. He offered Breuer his photographs of the Hagerty House and Wheaton College model.

Employee, Hall-Mack Co., manufacturers of bathroom accessories and medicine cabinets.

Sales Manager, Eugene Dietzgen Co., Inc.

Library Department, Remington Rand, Inc. His company supplied furnishings, including the circulation desk, for the Grosse Pointe Public Library.

Village Clerk, Briarcliff Manor, NY.

Vice-President, C. H. Pearson and Son Hardwood Co., Inc.

The Pease Co., sewage disposal and water supply engineers and constructors.

Employee, Otis Elevator Co. Breuer consulted Otis when producing preliminary designs for the Almy, Bigelow and Washburn department store.

Landscape architect for the Thompson House.

Employee, United States Plywood Corp. His company supplied plywood doors for projects like the Breuer Cottage and the Robinson House.


Architect. Pei came to the United States to study architecture in 1935. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1940 and then continued his studies under Gropius and Breuer at Harvard. He received his graduate degree in 1946. Pei worked for the developer Webb and Knapp before establishing his own firm, I. M. Pei and Partners (now Pei Cobb Freed and Partners) in...

Building Inspector, Lincoln, MA.

Argentinian architect.

Contractor. Pemberton submitted an estimate for the construction of the Fischer House and Studio, but the contract went to Roy Large.

Secretary, School of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Employee, General Bronze Corp. Breuer spoke with his company about prefabricated housing and building components.

Employee, Pictorial Services, Inc.

Friend of Roy Halvorson, one of Breuer's clients. Perin offered to help acquire equipment for Halvorson's pool.

Representative, Aluminum City Terrace Housing Association.

Secretary, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

Bursar, Harvard University.

Employee, Dunlopillo Cushioning Department, Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd. Dunlop manufactured the cushions for the Isokon Short and Long chairs. They featured one of the Long Chairs in their display at the Ideal Homes Exhibition.

Editor in Chief, L'Architecture D'Aujourd'Hui. He published articles on numerous Breuer projects including the Ariston Club and the first of Breuer’s houses in New Canaan, CT.

Employee in the Gropius and Breuer office. He worked on the Aluminum City Terrace defense housing project.

Employee, Wadley and Smythe, the landscape contractor for the Abraham and Straus department store.

Secretary in the Gropius and Breuer office.

Petrillo hoped to submit an estimate for the construction of the Pack House. The contract eventually went to Woodle Construction and Supply Co., Inc.

1902 - 1983

Architectural historian and teacher. He studied at various German universities, including Leipzig, Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt am Main, and wrote a doctoral dissertation on the Baroque architecture of his native city of Leipzig. He emigrated to Britain in 1935 and published his seminal work, "Pioneers of the Modern Movement: From William Morris to Walter Gropius" a year later. He taught at both the University of London...

Employee of Uris Brothers, property developer for the building housing the Weintraub Agency offices.

Contractor for the Chamberlain Cottage.

Manager, Nathan-Straus-Duparquet, Inc. His company supplied the refrigerator for the Ferry Cooperative Dormitory at Vassar College.

Phillips purchased nesting tables when Jack Pritchard sold off the remaining Isokon stock in 1946.

Edward Fischer purchased Herring Hill (possibly a cottage in Wellfleet, MA., where Breuer summered) from Phillips.

Employee, American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corp. His company supplied heating registers for projects like the Chamberlain Cottage and Breuer's own house in Lincoln, MA.

1881 - 1973

Spanish artist. Picasso was a prolific artist, who worked in a wide variety of styles. He is perhaps best known for the development (with George Braque) of Cubism, which often involved the manipulation and deconstruction of illusionistic space. Picasso painted a mural called “The Fall of Icarus” for the lobby of the Conference building of the UNESCO headquarters complex in Paris.

Pick inquired into building a version of the House in the Museum Garden.


Co-editor, Architectural Design. She invited Breuer to submit materials for publication and to write an introduction to articles by the architect Edward D. Mills.

Employee, American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corp.

Vice-President, Lord Electric Co., electrical subcontractor for the House in the Museum Garden.

Employee, Edgcomb Steel of New England, Inc.

Pilcher requested information on apartments and furnishings for a projected book.

Employee of first Sprayo-Flake Co. and then the Kimberly-Clark Corp. He provided information on insulation to Breuer for a number of projects.

Co-owner, Pillsbury and Vaughan. Her company provided fabrics for the Weizenblatt House.

President, Thonet Brothers. Thonet was an early producer of Breuer’s tubular steel furniture. Once in America, Breuer sent him suggestions for collaborating on furniture production and importation. Pilzer later served as President of International Furniture Inc.

Personnel Manager, Stone and Webster Engineering Corp.

1720 - 1778

Italian engraver and architect. He created intricate prints which combined fantasy with expert portrayals of ancient Roman architecture.

Secretary, The Albert A. Albrecht Co., the contractor for the Grosse Pointe Public Library.

Secretary to Herbert Bayer.

She invited Breuer to attend a dinner with Frank Lloyd Wright before an Institute of Modern Art opening of an exhibition devoted to Wright's work.

Assistant to the Director, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University. Pleasants asked Breuer to design some interiors for the Peabody Museum, but the designs proved too expensive and were never implemented.

Furniture designer. Pollak designed a number of stackable metal chairs.

In 1950, Breuer explored a partnership with Polland and Marvin Sevely in Washington, DC. Polland's responsibility would have included public relations and client services.

Employee, Felmore Associates. Her company supplied fireplace accessories for the first Hooper House.

English architect. In 1945, Poltock hoped to acquire an Isokon Long Chair for a client, but the chair was no longer in production.

Research Laboratory, American Houses, Inc. Breuer sent Pomfret materials on the Plas-2-Point House. Due to the fact that American Houses manufactured prefabricated framing materials and that materials were scarce during the war, Pomfret was not able to collaborate with Breuer on the production of his design.

Industrial Sales Department, Carolina Power and Light Co. Ponzer advised Gropius and Breuer about electric kitchen appliances for the Lake Eden campus of Black Mountain College.


Employee, James A. Moynes and Co. His company completed carpentry work and manufactured ceiling light grilles for the Grosse Pointe Public Library.

President, William H. Porter Co., Inc. His firm provided a construction estimate for Breuer's preliminary designs for the Almy, Bigelow and Washburn department store.

Heating subcontractor for the Smith House.

Argentinian friend who helped organize Spanish language publications of Breuer's work.

Employee, G. D. Campbell Building Co., Inc., contractor for the Ferry Cooperative Dormitory at Vassar College.

Client. In 1949, Potter and his wife, Selma, commissioned a house in Cape Elizabeth, ME. Tensions arose between Breuer and Potter regarding overdue bills and problems with the house's heating system.

Ridpath and Potter Co., Inc., artesian well drillers.

Client. In 1949, she and her husband, Arnold, commissioned a house in Cape Elizabeth, ME. Tensions arose between Breuer and Potter regarding overdue bills and problems with the house's heating system.

Employee, Federal Housing Administration.

Employee, Hampden-Ely Co. Breuer hoped to have Hampden-Ely fabricate his designs for Yankee Portable demountable housing.

Employee, Superintendence Co., Inc.

Employee, W. C. Vaughan Co. His company supplied hardware for Breuer's own house in Lincoln, MA., the Chamberlain Cottage, the Fischer House and Studio and the Hagerty House.

Associate Editor, Ladies' Home Journal. Pratt invited Breuer to submit designs for a series on well-designed affordable housing for families earning $2,000 to $3,000 a year.

Employee, Decora Designs. Presbrey sent Breuer information on a lamp they hoped to market, asking for his suggestions and criticisms of the design.

Credit and Collection, Remington Rand, Inc. His firm supplied furnishings, including file and card catalogues, for the Grosse Pointe Public Library.

Price hoped to work for Breuer on a defense housing project before entering the service.

Professor in the Department of Art and Architecture, University of Idaho. Prichard sent Breuer information on department store design.

Financial consultant.

Secretary, Isokon, Ltd., manufacturer of plywood furniture designed by Breuer.

1900 - 1985

Wife of Jonathan Pritchard. She was trained as a doctor, first practicing as a bacteriologist before switching to psychiatry.

Assistant Treasurer, Smith College.

Engineering Department, Eastern Air Lines, Inc. Breuer designed a ticket office for the airline located in the Boston Statler Hotel.

Employee, Thonet Brothers. Thonet was an early manufacturer of Breuer's tubular steel furniture.

Employee, Broadbrook Furniture Co. Prostowich hoped to supply furnishings for the Weintraub Agency offices.

Employee, Bourget, Inc. His firm supplied silk pongee for a number of residential interiors, including the McComb House, the Wolfson Trailer House and Breuer's second house in New Canaan, CT.

President, Senix Aerial. His company provided aerial photography services.

Pulliam inquired into the type of wall light that Breuer used in his house in Lincoln, MA.

President, The First National Bank of Yarmouth. His bank provided Stuart Scott, one of Breuer's clients, with a construction loan and mortgage.

Director of the Department of Public and Professional Relations for the American Institute of Architects. Breuer wrote him about acting as a consultant for the building program of the University of San Marcos.