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American department store chain founded by James Cash Penney in 1913. The department store supplied silk pongee for the Starkey House.

Wholesale distributors of refrigeration equipment, electrical supplies and home appliances based in Saginaw, MI.

British manufacturer of cushions and covers.

Engineers and craftsmen in all metals. They specialized in tube bending and manufactured metal chair frames and tables legs for Isokon, Ltd.

Supplier of wood and veneers for the first Gagarin House.

Supplied upholstery fabric for a sofa to be made by Knoll Associates for Breuer's first house in New Canaan, CT.

Contractors who provided an estimate for the construction of the Cambridge Honor Roll designed by Breuer and Lawrence Anderson.

Detroit department store. They considered exhibiting the House in the Museum Garden in Detroit.

British manufacturer of hearth furniture, electrical fittings, metal bedsteads, show cases and display fittings.

Donated brick and flue lining materials for the House in the Museum Garden.

Contractors based in Boston, MA. Mr. McAllister of the Federal Works Agency invited them to submit an estimate for the Aluminum City Terrace defense housing project but the company declined to do so.

Metal craftsman based in London. In 1937, they manufactured two aluminum chairs for Breuer and Yorke.

Patent attorneys based in Berlin. They helped Breuer file a patent for resilient chairs ("Federnde Sitzmöbel.")


American advertising agency founded in 1864 in New York as Carlton and Smith. Walter Thompson purchased and renamed the firm in 1878. The company advocated a scientific approach to advertising. It established a Research Department in 1915 and hired eminent academics such as John B. Watson, the founder of behavioral psychology. These professionals added a new dimension to marketing research as J. Walter...

Supplier of fabric for the first Gagarin House.


Acoustical subcontractor for the Fischer House and Studio. The firm also installed floor tiles and carpets for the Weintraub Agency offices. Jacobson and Co., Inc. was founded by Gustave Jacobson in 1889. The firm initially specialized in ornamental plastering. In 1932, Gustave's son, Victor Jacobson, recognized the changing architectural landscape and entered the field of architectural acoustics, becoming a distributor for a leading manufacturer of...

Architects based in Pittsburgh, PA. They acted as associated architects for some of Gropius and Breuer's Pennsylvania projects, including the Frank House and the Fischer House and Studio.

Executed carpentry work and manufactured ceiling light grilles for the Grosse Pointe Public Library.

Breuer considered James Booth and Co. Ltd. as a possible manufacturer for his aluminum chairs in Britain.

Plastering and painting subcontractor for the Eastern Air Lines Ticket Office.


James McCutcheon and Co. was established in 1855 as an importer of fine linens. In 1941, a buyer from their Furniture Department inquired into the possibility of importing Breuer's Isokon furniture after seeing an article on those designs in Architectural Forum. World War II and resulting timber controls made it impossible to export the furniture from England.

New York City-based engineers who consulted on the heating system for the addition to the Scott House.

A non-profit corporation founded to select an architect to design the Jefferson Memorial in St. Louis, MO. The Memorial was intended "to commemorate and bring alive again the great act of statesmanship of Thomas Jefferson, the Louisiana Purchase, which initiated the rise to greatness of the young Republic, and the westward surge, in action and thought, of the pioneers who achieved this greatness." The association...

New York City-based supplier of furniture for the Grosse Pointe Public Library.

Manufacturer of metal cabinets and kitchenette units.

Manufacturer of patented metal fasteners. They supplied wood track and tape for the Englund House.

New York City-based importers and wholesalers of upholstery and drapery fabrics. Jofa supplied corduroy fabric for the interiors of the first Gagarin House.


Canadian architectural firm established in 1947 by John B. Parkin. The firm has undergone numerous name changes and is today known as Parkin Architects Ltd.


The John B. Pierce Foundation was formally established in 1924 with the following Charter: to promote research, educational, technical, or scientific work in the general field of heating, ventilation and sanitation, for the increase of knowledge to the end that the general hygiene and comfort of human beings and their habitations may be advanced. The foundation's namesake, John Pierce, founded the Pierce Steam Heating Co. which eventually merged...

Supplier of cotton duck and awning fabrics.

Supplier of flower boxes for the Weintraub Agency offices.

Designers and manufacturers of architectural and industrial woodwork and library, laboratory and school furniture. The firm supplied furniture for the Grosse Pointe Public Library.

Distributor of St. Charles steel kitchen cabinets. They submitted a quotation for steel kitchen furnishings for Breuer's house in Lincoln, MA.

Heating, plumbing and electrical subcontractor for the Thompson House.

London-based supplier of fabrics. Breuer considered their fabrics for the upholstery of the furniture he designed for Isokon, Ltd.

Metal furring and lathing subcontractor for the Weintraub Agency offices.


British department store founded by John Lewis in 1864. The company agreed to set up a stand displaying Isokon furniture in their London store.

Contractor based in Asheville, NC. They expressed interest in bidding on Gropius and Breuer's scheme for Black Mountain College, but the project was never built.

Produced blueprints for projects such as the Grosse Pointe Public Library and the Ferry Cooperative Dormitory at Vassar College.

Supplier of diesel and gasoline generators.

Heating subcontractor for the Fischer House, Guest Cottage.


Foundation established in 1925 by United States Senator Simon Guggenheim and his wife as a memorial to their son, John Simon, who died on April 26, 1922. The Foundation offers fellowships "to further the development of scholars and artists by assisting them to engage in research in any field of knowledge and creation in any of the arts, under the freest possible conditions and irrespective of race, color,...


American chain of department stores founded by John Wanamaker in Philadelphia in 1876. The company supplied mattresses, cushions and curtains for the first Geller House.


Manufacturer of insulation materials. The company was founded as the H. W. Johns Manufacturing Co. in 1858 and reincorporated as the Johns-Manville Corp. in 1926.

Furniture manufacturer based in Roanoke, VA. The prize-winning furniture designs from the Museum of Modern Art and International competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design were exhibited in The American Furniture Mart in Chicago in a special space set aside by the company.

American department store begun in Boston, MA. Breuer ordered fabric from the department store for the interior of his own house in Lincoln, MA.

Manufacturer of drains and plumbing drainage systems.

Contractor based in New York City. They submitted an estimate for construction and demolition for a property on Monroe Street in Brooklyn, NY.

Produced blueprints for the first Gagarin House.

Interior decorators based in Baltimore, MD.

New York City-based supplier of upholstery fabrics and drapery hardware. They provided curtain track materials for various projects, including the Scott House and the first Stillman House.

German publisher. Hoffmann asked Breuer to provide material for a book on office buildings. Breuer also hoped that the press might undertake a German translation of Sun and Shadow.

Plant nursery based in Rutherford, NJ. They supplied plants for Breuer's second house in New Canaan, CT.

German aircraft manufacturer. They took aerial photographs of the Bauhaus building in Dessau shortly after its completion.

Manufacturers of metal sinks and cabinet tops. The company was based in Chicago and represented in Boston by the Eames Co.