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name: "Smith, Hamilton"   drawing type: "Working/Construction Drawing"    view type: "Axonometric"    project: "Saint John's Church and Campanile"   
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Marcel Breuer and Associates, 201 E. 57th St. (Architect) Wiesenfeld, Hayward and Leon (Engineer) Gausman and Moore, Inc. (Engineer) Traynor and Hermanson (Associated architect) B., L., O. (Draftsman) C., R. (Draftsman) Freidin, Jack (Draftsman) H., U. (Draftsman) Smith, Hamilton, P. (Draftsman) Meier, Richard (Draftsman) K., P. (Draftsman) Kistler, Dan (Draftsman)

1959-04-17 1960-07-13


Saint John's Church and Campanile