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Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer, Associated Architects (Architect) James A. Mitchell and Dahlen K. Ritchey, Associated Architects (Associated architect) Weil (Draftsman) O., E., W. (Draftsman) S., J., H. (Draftsman) Kennedy, Robert, Woods (Draftsman) Currie, Leonard, J. (Draftsman) S., F. (Draftsman) G., D., W. (Draftsman) W., C., A. (Draftsman) Noyes, Eliot, Fette (Draftsman) Landsberg, William, W. (Draftsman) Stein, Richard, G. (Draftsman) Gibbs, Daniel, W. (Draftsman) Saunders (Draftsman)

1939-04-14 1940-08-29


Frank House

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Johnston Sahlman Co. (Engineer) Gausman and Moore, Inc. (Engineer) S., H. (Draftsman) Traynor, Fred, V. (Associated architect) Breuer, Marcel, Lajos (Architect) Weidlinger, Paul (Engineer)

1962-03-20 1963-09-05


Annunciation Priory of the Sisters of St. Benedict


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Fred S. Dubin Associates (Engineer) Traynor and Hermanson (Architect) Farkas and Barron (Engineer) M., V. (Draftsman) M., H., A. (Draftsman) G., R., F. (Draftsman) A., Y. (Draftsman) M., V., L. (Draftsman) Breuer, Marcel, Lajos (Architect) A., J. (Draftsman) S., J. (Draftsman) S., H. (Draftsman)



Saint John's Monastery Wing