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name: "M., A"   drawing type: "Sketch/Study"    view type: "Section" "Elevation"    location: "University Heights, NY USA"   
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Click to select: Construction set (15 Dec 1958): Architectural (Dwg. Nos. 2-25)

Marcel Breuer and Associates, 201 E. 57th St. (Architect) Wiesenfeld, Hayward and Leon (Engineer) Jaros, Baum and Bolles (Engineer) F., J. (Draftsman) K., J., P. (Draftsman) C., A. (Draftsman) A., M. (Draftsman) M., L., A. (Draftsman) D., C. (Draftsman) G., R., F. (Draftsman)



New York University, Residence Hall

Click to select: SK Drawings (SK 121-SK 130, SK 150, multiple copies)

Marcel Breuer and Associates, 635 Madison Ave. New York (Architect) M., A. (Draftsman) F., D. (Draftsman) S., B. (Draftsman) G., R. (Draftsman)

1966-04-18 1968-09-18


New York University, Technology II