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name: "M., A"   drawing type: "Shop Drawing"    view type: "Detail"    project: "Saint John's Church and Campanile"   
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S., H. (Draftsman) F., J. (Draftsman) C., R. (Draftsman) M., R. (Draftsman) K., P. (Draftsman) M., V., L. (Draftsman) S., F. (Draftsman) B., V., E. (Draftsman) H., E., W. (Draftsman) K., D. (Draftsman) B., L., D. (Draftsman) M., D. (Draftsman) Marcel Breuer and Associates, 201 E. 57th St. (Architect) Traynor and Hermanson (Associated architect) Wiesenfeld, Hayward and Leon (Engineer) Gausman and Moore, Inc. (Engineer)

1957-04-17 1961-03-02


Saint John's Church and Campanile