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Construction Set CS-K 2-38

Click to show Interior Finishes (No. C-SK-20A) 1 Click to show Partial Lower Level Mech. Coordination Plan AA (No. C-SK-2) 2 Click to show Stair Tower Roof Flashing Details (No. C-SK-12) 3 Click to show Bench Details (No. C-SK-14) 4 Click to show Section A Through Water Station (No. C-SK-15A) 5 Click to show Water and Condiment Stands Det's (No. C-SK-15) 6 Click to show Partial North Elevation at Ninth and Mech. Floors (No. C-SK-16) 7 Click to show Partial 6th Floor Plan (No. C-SK-17) 8 Click to show Bathroom Lighting Cove (No. C-SK-18) 9 Click to show Revised Partition Layout - Lower Level (No. C-SK-19) 10 Click to show North and South Mechanical Coordination Plan (No. C-SK-3) 11 Click to show Main Level South Mechancial Coordination Plan - DD (No. C-SK-4) 12 Click to show Main Level Coordination Plan CC (No. C-SK-5) 13 Click to show Sixth and Seventh Floor Mechanical Coordination Plan; Floors 2, 3, 4, 5 Mechanical Coordination Plan (No. C-SK-6) 14 Click to show Ninth Floor Mechanical Coordination Plan; Eight Floor Mechanical Coordination Plan (No. C-SK-7) 15 Click to show Interior Details - Main Floor Storage Wall (No. C-SK-9) 16 Click to show Interior Details - Rm. 0124 and 8025 (No. C-SK-10) 17 Click to show Grille Curtains, Main Floor (No. C-SK-11) 18 Click to show Fixed Glass Window Dets. - Hotel Manager's Office (No. C-SK-38) 19 Click to show Part. Plans - Terrace Lobby Level and Main Level; Sections 20 Click to show Section at Explansiont Joint (No. C-SK-24) 21 Click to show Curtain Track for Stage L117 (No. C-SK-25) 22 Click to show Granite Plaque Elevation (No. C-SK-26) 23 Click to show Interior Details - Room 8025 (No. C-SK-27) 24 Click to show Railing Details (No. C-SK-28) 25 Click to show Partial 8th Floor Plan and Details (No. C-SK-29) 26 Click to show Conc. Enclosure for Plumbin Pipe at Exhaust Opening - Terrace Level (No. C-SK-30) 27 Click to show Partial Suspended Wood Ceiling and Details (No. C-SK-33) 28 Click to show Plan and Elevations - Main Level Rm. 0246 (No. C-SK-31) 29 Click to show Railing Details (No. C-SK-32) 30 Click to show Handrail Det. Stair No. 9 (No. C-SK-33) 31 Click to show Bar Cabinet Details: Room 8012 (No. C-SK-34) 32 Click to show Room 9008 - Details (No. C-SK-35) 33 Click to show Partial Plan - (th Floor Bamboo Screen and Detail (No. C-SK-36) 34 Click to show Concrete Island and Stanchions at V.I.P. Ramp (No. C-SK-37) 35 Click to show Partial Elevation at Rms. 9002 and 9029; Sections and Details (No. C-SK-20) 36 Click to show Terrace Level Lobby Cove Det. (No. C-SK-21) 37 Click to show Central Hall - Reflected Clg. Plan (No. C-SK-22) 38

1968-10-15 - 1970-09-29

Project Name
University of Massachusetts, Murray Lincoln Campus Center and Garage

Amherst, MA USA

Project Type


Marcel Breuer and Associates, 635 Madison Ave. New York (Architect)




Syracuse University

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