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Construction Details (Dwg. Nos. SK102, SK105, SK110-SK112, SK110-SK118, SK120-SK121, SK123-SK136)

Click to show Addition of Coat Closet (No. SK-102) 1 Click to show Single Line Schematic Drawing for Speaker Wiring; Face of Loudspeaker Box from Inside (No. SK-121A) 2 Click to show 3rd Floor Column-Girder Condition (No. SK-128) 3 Click to show Saddle Details (No. SK-129) 4 Click to show No. SK-130A 5 Click to show Partition Addition - Room 521 (No. SK-134) 6 Click to show Concrete Benches at Bridge (No. SK-136) 7 Click to show Granite Benches at Bridge (No. SK-136) 8 Click to show Bulletin No. 7. Restoration Room Layout (No. SK-110) 9 Click to show Revision to Sculpture Court (No. SK-111) 10 Click to show Bulletin No. 8. Special Gallery Details, Galleries 208-9, 401-2-3 (No. SK-112) 11 Click to show Location of Hatches and Television Cable Slots on Gallery Floors (No. SK-113) 12 Click to show Bulletin No 10. Revised Details - Office Floors (No. SK-114) 13 Click to show Bulletin No. 10. Revised Details - Trustees' Room 503 (No. SK-115) 14 Click to show 5th Floor Eyebrow Window Revision (No. SK-123) 15 Click to show Cabinet Revisions - Mezzanine (No. SK-124) 16 Click to show Electrical Revisions (No. SK-124E) 17 Click to show Bulletin No. 4. Revision of Friends' Lounge (No. SK-102) 18 Click to show Bulletin No. 4. Revision of Bronze Gates (No. SK-105) 19 Click to show Plumbing Revisions - New Lavatory - Library Mezz. (No. SK-124P) 20 Click to show Post Card Display Rack - Details (No. SK-120) 21 Click to show Auditorium - Refl. Plan, Elevations (No. SK-121) 22 Click to show Details of Coat-Room Counter (No. SK-125) 23 Click to show Adjustable Plexiglas Brackets for Display Wall Behind Inform't'n. Counter (No. SK-126) 24 Click to show West Coat Room Wall Details - Sections (No. SK-127) 25 Click to show Granite Screen Details (No. SK-116) 26 Click to show Information Counter Details (No. SK-117) 27 Click to show Information Counter Details (No. SK-118) 28 Click to show 2nd Floor Elevator Wall Revisions (No. SK-130) 29 Click to show Telephone Alcove  Revisions (No. SK-131) 30 Click to show Gate Details  Stair No. 1 (No. SK-132) 31 Click to show Stair Gate at 1st Fl. Landing (No. SK-132R) 32 Click to show Wood Enclosure - Office Floor (No. SK-133) 33 Click to show Telephone Layout - Office Floor (No. SK-135) 34 Click to show Telephone Layout - Mezz. Floor (No. SK-135A) 35

1964-08- - 1966-05-20

Project Name
Whitney Museum of American Art

New York, NY USA

Project Type


Marcel Breuer and Associates, 635 Madison Ave. New York (Architect)
Werner Jenson and Korst (Engineer)
Marcel Breuer and Associates, 201 E. 57th St. (Architect)




Syracuse University

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