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Architectural Details Set (SK-A drawings in different stages)

Click to show Revised Frame for Floor Grilles (SK-A-2 1 Click to show Cemetery Cross and Headstone (SK-A-3R) 2 Click to show New Stepped Ramp at South East Corner of Ex'st'g Convent Wing (SK-A-4) 3 Click to show New Ramp at Entrance to Existing Community Halls Building (No. SK-A-6) 4 Click to show Revised Chapel Flooring at Choir Stalls (SK-A-7) 5 Click to show Revised Chapel Flooring and Nave Seating Pedestals (SK-A-1R) 6 Click to show Part Plan of Library Showing Stack Lighting Layout (SK-A-8) 7 Click to show Revisions to Section B-B (SK-A-9) 8 Click to show Revised Duct Locations, Small Chapel 281 9 Click to show Chapel - Sound Columns (SK-A-10) 10 Click to show Revision to Wall Between Rooms 152 and 158 - Community Wing (SK-A-11) 11 Click to show Revision to South Wall of North Corridor at Starir 12 (SK-A-12) 12 Click to show Vestry Closet Details (SK-A-13) 13 Click to show Revised Beam at North Wall of Chapel - Revised Details at Doors 275B and 275C (SK-A-14) 14 Click to show Supplementary Details for Altar Screen - Chapel 337, Convent Wing (SK-A-16) 15 Click to show Revised Location of Sacrarium (N.I.C.) Chapel 275 (SK-A-17) 16 Click to show Garden Area Courtyard B (SK-A-18) 17 Click to show Sizes and Locations of Holes for Stoups (N.I.C.) (SK-A-19) 18 Click to show Cabinets for Sewing Rooms 261 and 368 (SK-A-20) 19 Click to show Revised Lighting Layout - Senior Sisters' Community Rm., Altar Bread Rm., and Dining Rm. (SK-A-21) 20 Click to show Additional Lighting Fixture Locations - Chapel Area (SK-A-22) 21 Click to show Revision to Head of Doors 275A (SK-A-23) 22 Click to show Desk and Shelf for Typing Alcoves 130, 131 and 148 (SK-A-24) 23 Click to show Clarification of Trim at Head of Storage Cabinets, Rm. 272 (SK-A-25a) 24 Click to show Clarification of Trim at Head of Storage Cabinets, Rm. 272 (SK-A-25b) 25 Click to show Supplementary Drawing for Aluminum Frames for Unpolished Glass at Chapel Stained Glass Windows (SK-A-26) 26 Click to show Garden Areas, Courtyards A and B, and Stepstones at Doors 267B and 284A (SK-A-28) 27 Click to show Supplementary Library Details - Bookshelves and Glass Partition (SK-A-29) 28 Click to show Stained Glass Window (SK-A-30) 29 Click to show Revised Cemetery (SK-A-3R) 30 Click to show Cemetery (SK-A-3) 31 Click to show Steps for Closets 32 Click to show Bench and Boot Storage lower Level 33

1961-06-02 - 1962-10-01

Project Name
Annunciation Priory of the Sisters of St. Benedict

Bismarck, ND USA

Project Type

Traynor, Fred (Architect)
Weidlinger, Paul (Engineer)

Johnston Sahlman Co. (Engineer)
Gausman and Moore, Inc. (Engineer)
Marcel Breuer and Associates, 201 E. 57th St. (Architect)




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