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The Marcel Breuer Digital Archive represents a collaborative effort headed by Syracuse University Libraries to digitize over 70,000 drawings, photographs, letters and other materials related to the career of Marcel Breuer, one of the most influential architects and furniture designers of the twentieth century. The first phase of this NEH-funded project culminated in the UNESCO headquarters designed by Breuer in the mid-1950s. The second phase of the project was committed to the digitization of materials related to the second half of his career (1953-1981). The Marcel Breuer Digital Archive is now providing access to over 120,000 digital images covering the whole of the life’s work of Marcel Breuer.

An interdisciplinary team of librarians, archivists, scholars, programmers and vendors were involved in the development of the MBDA. We would like to thank Brett Barrie, Jean Francois Bedard, Barry Bergdoll, Anthony Carbone, Michele Combs, Matthew Dames, Michael Dermody, Amy Dygert, Daniel Hanks Jr, Teresa Harris, Hudson Microimaging, Isabelle Hyman, Dale King, Pamela McLaughlin, Jonathan Massey, Sebastian Modrow, Lucy Mulroney, Nicholas Nosko, Sarah Pohley, Suzanne Preate, Sean Quimby, Daniel Rice, Charles Russo, David Seaman, David Stokoe, Suzanne Thorin, our dedicated student workers and all our contributing partner institutions.

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Esalen Staff House () Faculty Papers () Hotel y C.I.C. () Mallouk Residence () Unidentified Projects () Wise House, Addition () Furniture (1920) Haus am Horn, Interiors (1922) Apartment House, Project (1923) Small Metal House (Kleinmetallhaus), 1925-26 Type (1925) Bauhaus Building, Interiors (Dessau) (1926) Bauhaus Masters' Houses, Interiors (Dessau) (1926) Grote House (1926) Piscator Apartment, Interiors (1926) Thost House, Interiors (1926) Wilinsky Apartment, Interiors (1926) BAMBOS Houses, Types 1, 2 and 3 (1927) Weissenhof Housing Exhibition, Interiors (1927) Apartment Hotel (1928) Apartment-House Complex, Competition, Spandau-Haselhorst (1928) Breuer Apartment, Interiors (1928) Heinersdorff House, Interiors (1928) Hospital for 1,100 Beds, Competition (1928) Potsdamer Platz (1928) Berger Apartment, Interiors (1929) Bienert Interior (1929) De Francesco Apartment (1929) Dwelling (Wohnhaus) I and II (1929) H. Fuld and Company Telephone Factory, Competition (1929) Harnischmacher Apartment, Interiors (1929) Harnischmacher Office, Interiors (1929) Heydt Apartment, Interiors (1929) Lewin House, Interiors (1929) Schneider House (1929) Strobel Interiors (1929) Sun Tower/Platform (1929) Weekend House, Types I and II (1929) Apartment for a Gymnastics Teacher (1930) Boroschek Apartment (1930) Deutscher Raumschutz (1930) Haus M (Melder House) (1930) Jewish Hospital for 220 Beds, Competition (1930) Leiser Stores (1930) Paris Werkbund Exhibition (1930) Singer Apartment (1930) Ukrainian State Theater, Competition (1930) Bauausstellung (1931) Cork Exhibition (1931) Duve Apartment (1931) House for a Sportsman, Building Exhibition (1931) Reidemeister Apartment (1931) Selver-Wittgenstein Interior (1931) Seventy Square Meter Apartment (1931) Harnischmacher House I (1932) Wohnbedarf Stores (1932) Boelcke Interior (1933) Apartment House, Project for Paul and Marianne Harnischmacher (1934) Spring Trade Fair, Competition (1934) Doldertal Apartment Houses (1935) Gane House (1935) Building Trades Exhibition (1936) Gane's Pavilion (1936) Garden City of the Future, Model (1936) Heal's Exhibition (1936) London Theatre Studio (1936) Motley's Fashion Studio (1936) Rose House (Shangri-La) (1936) Schmitt Cottage (1936) Ventris Apartment, Interiors (1936) B. B. Chemical Company (1937) Coston House (1937) Gropius House (Lincoln) (1937) Hans Falkner Ski Lodge (1937) Isokon Bar (1937) Macnabb House (Sea Lane House) (1937) Bryn Mawr College,  Dormitory Furnishings (1938) College of William and Mary, Festival Theater and Fine Arts Center, Competition (1938) Hagerty House (1938) Margolius House (1938) Two Houses for Masters, Eton College (1938) Wheaton College, Art Center, Competition (1938) Black Mountain College, Lake Eden Campus (1939) Breuer House (1939) Fischer House and Studio (1939) Ford House (1939) Frank House (1939) Pennsylvania State Exhibition, World's Fair (1939) Golden Gate International Exposition (1939-02-18) Abele House (1940) Chamberlain Cottage (1940) Weizenblatt House (1940) Aluminum City Terrace (1941) Boston Dispensary Window Display (1941) Harvard Yard Project (1941) Defense Housing (1942) Yankee Portables (1942) California Arts and Architecture/Pepperell Manufacturing Company House, Competition (1943) Plas-2-Point House (1943) South Boston Redevelopment Plan (1943) Almy, Bigelow and Washburn (1944) Postwar House for Ladies' Home Journal (1944) Stuyvesant Six: A Redevelopment Proposal (1944) War Memorial (Cambridge Honor Roll) (1944) Apartment House, Project for Bert Geller (1945) Binuclear House (1945) CCI (1945) Eastern Air Lines Ticket Office (1945) Geller House I (1945) Long Beach Hospital, Nurses' Residence (1945) Maas House (1945) Smith College, Dormitories, Competition (1945) Tompkins House (1945) Apartment House, New York (1946) Bandler House (1946) Chicagoland Prize Homes, Competition (1946) Duplex-Apartment Complex (1946) Fischer House, Guest Cottage (1946) Martine House (1946) Realistic House in Georgia: Competition Sponsored by Progressive Architecture/Rich's Department Store (1946) Tandem Tennis Courts and Club (1946) Ariston Club (1947) Bogota Master Plan (1947) Breuer House, New Canaan I (1947) Kniffin House (1947) Lawnhurst House (1947) Mills House (1947) Robinson House (1947) Scott House (1947) Thompson House (1947) Breuer Cottage (1948) House in the Museum Garden, Museum of Modern Art (1948) Kepes Cottage (1948) MoMA Intl.Competition for Low-Cost Furniture (1948) Sandor House (1948) Airport Terminal Buildings (1949) Herrick House (1949) Hooper House I (1949) Potter House (1949) Rand House (1949) Rockville Centre House (1949) Roof Coping Project (1949) Standard House (1949) Tilley House (1949) Weintraub Agency (1949) Clark House (1950) Englund House (1950) Lauck House (1950) Marshad House (1950) McComb House (1950) Smith House (1950) Stillman House I (1950) Vassar College, Ferry Cooperative Dormitory (1950) Wolfson Trailer House (1950) Abraham and Straus, Exterior (1951) Breuer House, New Canaan II (1951) Grosse Pointe Public Library (1951) Hanson House (1951) Pack House (1951) Sarah Lawrence College, Art Center (1951) Witalis House (1951) Caesar Cottage (1952) Knoll Showroom (Brussels) (1952) Levy House (1952) Robinson (George) House (1952) Rockefeller (Winthrop) House, Addition (1952) Scarves by Vera, Showroom (417 5th Avenue) (1952) Tibby House (1952) Torin Corporation (Ontario) (1952) UNESCO, Headquarters (Porte Maillot) (1952) Aufricht House, Addition (1953) Crall House (1953) Frameless Glass Sliding Window (1953) Harnischmacher House II (1953) Model Bathroom (1953) Northfield Elementary School (1953) Saint John's Abbey and University Complex (1953) Saint John's Church and Campanile (1953) Snower House (1953) Stillman (Edgar, Jr.) Cottage (1953) Baltimore Garden Apartments (1954) Bantam Elementary School (1954) Grieco House (1954) Litchfield High School (1954) O.E. McIntyre, Inc. (1954) Ross House (1954) Saint John's Monastery Wing (1954) Starkey House (Alworth House) (1954) Boston and Maine Railroad, Locomotive and Passenger Cars (1955) Commercial Leaseholds Ltd. (1955) Connecticut Junior Republic (1955) De Bijenkorf Department Store Complex (1955) Halvorson Pool (1955) Karsten House (1955) Laaff House (1955) McGinnis House (1955) New Haven Railroad, Locomotives and Passenger Cars (1955) New Haven Railroad, Passenger Station (New London, CT) (1955) New Haven Railroad, Passenger Station (Rye, NY) (1955) Torin Corporation (Van Nuys) (1955) Torrington High School (1955) Train Exhibit (1955) UNESCO, Headquarters (Place de Fontenoy) (1955) Gagarin House I (1956) Institute for Advanced Study, Members' Housing (1956) Jack L. Honig Offices and Showroom (1956) Levy House, Addition (1956) McGinnis Penthouse Apartment (NSIBP) (1956) Pack House, Addition (1956) Rosen House (1956) United States Embassy (1956) Hooper House II (1957) Hunter College Library, Classroom, and Administration Buildings (1957) Krieger House (1957) Annunciation Priory of the Sisters of St. Benedict (1958) Recreational Apartments (1958) Scott House, Addition (1958) Two dressors for Mr. and Mrs. H. Beckhard (1958) El Recreo Urban Center (1959) Institute for Advanced Study, Library (1959) New York University Buildings Complex (1959) New York University, Begrisch Hall (1959) Paepcke Vacation House (1959) Ustinov House (1959) Brookhaven National Laboratory, Chemistry Building (1960) Country Club of Purchase (1960) Halvorson Fishing Camp (1960) McMullen Beach House (1960) One Charles Center (1960) UNESCO, 4th Building (Place de Fontenoy) (1960) Breuer Cottage, First Addition (1961) Flaine (1961) Temple B'nai Jeshurun (1961) Exhibition of St. John's Abbey, Walker Art Center (1961-08-) Fairview Heights Apartments (1963) Wise House (1963) New England Merchants' Bank Building, Competition (1964) Saint Francis de Sales, Church and Rectory (1964) Whitney Museum of American Art (1964) Cardinal Stritch College, Tri-Arts Center (1965) Department of Housing and Urban Development, Headquarters (1965) Interama, Miami International Airport (1965) Central Park Stables and Police Precinct House, Competition (1966) Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial (1966) ZUP de Bayonne (1966) Breuer Cottage, Second Addition (1967) Campus High School (1967) Grand Central Tower (1967) Madison Park Urban Renewal (1967) New York University, Technology II (1967) University of Mary, Annunciation Priory of the Sisters of St. Benedict (1967) University of Massachusetts, Murray Lincoln Campus Center and Garage (1967) Yale University, Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center (1967) Armstrong Rubber Company, Headquarters (1968) Bristol Center Office Building (1968) Cleveland Museum of Art, Education Wing (1968) Convent of the Sisters of Divine Providence (1968) Geller House II (1968) IBM Administrative, Laboratory and Manufacturing Facility (1968) IBM Research Center, First Expansion (1968) Olgiata Parish Church (1968) Cleveland Trust Company, Headquarters (1969) Harvard University, Biology and Chemistry Building (1969) De Bijenkorf Department Store Parking Garage (1970) Project for a Cathedral (St. Paul's) (1970) Bryn Mawr Lower School and Elementary School (1971) Resort Town (Amenagement de la Cote Aquitaine) (1971) American Press Institute Conference Center (1972) Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Headquarters (1972) Grand Coulee Dam, Columbia Basin Project, Third Power Plant and Forebay Dam (1972) Hotels (Afghanistan) (1972) Picker House (1972) Australian Embassy (1973) European Investment Bank (1973) Gagarin House II (1973) Heckscher Museum, Expansion (1973) Neumann House, Pool House (1973) Oglala Community High School (1973) Stillman House III (1973) The Flowering of American Folk Art, Exhibition, Whitney Museum of American Art (1973) Clarksburg Harrison Public Library (1974) Museum for the Nordrhein-Westfalen Collection, Competition (1974) Bratti House (1975) Convent of the Sisters of Divine Providence, Infirmary (1975) Hotel and Lift Station (1975) Lawton Community Plan (1975) Strom Thurmond Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse (1975) Geller Showroom (1976) Grand Coulee Dam, Columbia Basin Project, Visitor Arrival Center (1976) Atlanta Central Public Library (1977) Merck, Sharp and Dohme (1980) Philip Morris Manufacturing Facility (1980)