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  • Format of original refers to the original physical object for which digitized object in the MBDA acts as a surrogate.
  • Language refers to the original language(s) of the document being described. There are 14 different languages identified in the MBDA.
  • Repository refers to the institution that contributed content to the MBDA. For more information on the repositories, see Project Partners.
  • Architect may refer to any architects or architectural firms involved or referenced on the object being described. Note that several architects may be repeated on the list, depending on their relationship to the overall project. Breuer himself is referenced in multiple entries.
  • Author indicates the original personal or corporate name associated with the document being described. These may be both published and unpublished works.
  • Client refers to the customer referenced on the document being described, usually the recipient of architectural or design services.
  • Contributor refers to individuals or companies involved in Breuer projects such as contractors and subcontractors, suppliers, draftsmen, photographers, and engineers.
  • Correspondent refers to the parties identified as either senders or recipients of communications with Breuer and/or his business interests.
  • Designer may refer to any designers or design firms involved or referenced in the object being described. Breuer himself is referenced in multiple entries.
  • Manufacturer may refer to individuals or firms doing business with Breuer or his various business interests.
  • Project Location provides information on where the project is located. The majority of projects are located somewhere in the United States.
  • Project Name allows users to cross-reference a search in any category (including other projects) with some 352 projects associated with the MBDA.
  • Project Type allows users to select from 17 different architectural project types.
  • Archival series allows users to cross-reference a search in any category with a series identified in the original finding aid. See the Archival Series browse page for additional information.