Portrait of Marcel Breuer


The Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, has compiled detailed biographical information and a chronology of major events in Breuer's life. Click here to view this resource.

Mapping Breuer

Marcel Breuer's architectural legacy spans over half a century and across several continents include: North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. The Mapping Marcel Breuer resource provides spatial and temporal visualization of his life's work and shows relationships among Marcel's collaborators. Click here to view this resource.

Finding Aid

The finding aid for Syracuse University's Marcel Breuer Papers encompasses material from Breuer's entire career, including post-1955 materials which have not yet been digitized. To view the finding aid, click here.

Audio Interviews

Marcel Breuer’s legacy is also reflected in a series of interviews that provide a range of perspectives on his work. To view selected interviews, click here.

Selected Bibliography

Writings by Breuer

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  • "Basic Components of Architecture" [typed manuscript]
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Books on Breuer

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Exhibition Catalogues

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Journal Articles

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Journal Issues Devoted to Breuer

  • Bouwkundig Weekblad Architectura, no. 40, 5 (October 1929).
  • Cobouw, no.12 (22 March 1957).
  • Cobouw, no.13 (29 March 1957).
  • Nuestra Arquitectura 9 (September 1947).
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