Bauhaus Masters' Houses, Interiors (Dessau)

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Bauhaus Masters

Moholy-Nagy House, Living Room

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Aluminum Chair with Table for Gropius House
Toilettnische, Gropius House
Toiletttisch, Moholy-Nagy House

Walter Gropius designed four houses for the Masters of the Bauhaus. Gropius's own house was a single-family residence while the remaining three were two-family houses. All possessed generous studio space. Breuer designed much of the furniture for the residences and his tubular steel chairs were used throughout. For Wassily and Nina Kandinsky, he designed bedroom furniture, along with a dining room table and chairs based on the motif of the circle. Gropius and Moholy-Nagy liked the table so much that they requested it for their own houses. For Gropius, Breuer designed the interior color schemes, built-in cabinets, a tubular-steel fold-out sofa and a double desk. Moholy-Nagy's house also contained cabinets designed by Breuer, as well as some wooden couches and a dressing table. Breuer's contribution to Georg Muche's house is less well documented though it is certain that he designed a desk and drawer unit for the living room.