Bogota Master Plan

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Bogota Master Plan

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Aerial View of Bogota

In 1947, Breuer traveled to South America at the invitation of the University of Buenos Aires and the Colombian government. After a little more than a month teaching in Argentina he left for Bogotá, where the architects Alvaro Ortega and Gabriel Solano had asked him to consult on a housing project and medical center as part of a plan to redevelop the city. Breuer devised plans for a medical center with 3,800 beds; an affordable housing project of 1,100 units, a shopping center and schools; open plan food markets; and a government center with offices and a presidential palace. Breuer never signed a contract to implement his plans and José Luis Sert and Paul Wiener, in collaboration with Le Corbusier, eventually took over the plans for the city's redevelopment.