Crall House

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Crall House

Pre-Preliminary (Dwg. No. 1)

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In 1953, Breuer produced preliminary designs for a house in Gates Mills, OH. The first iteration of the design shows a two-story, H-shaped house with a projecting wing inserted into the main volume. The top of the projecting wing functioned as a roof deck. The construction drawings reveal a house with a more conventional, rectangular plan. Bedrooms and a playroom could be found on the stone-clad bottom floor. The living room, dining room, kitchen and additional bedrooms were found on the upper floor, which was clad in vertical cypress siding. A garage was set at an angle to the house. Its roof was reached by stairs and served as a terrace. The house possessed an unusual side elevation with angled eastern wall and a peaked roof that was likely requested by the client. The project was abandoned by the clients for unknown reasons.