Gagarin House I

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1956 - 1957

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Litchfield, CT USA


Anderson, J.
Arp, Jean
Bantam Electric Co.
Bayane, Irving
Beckhard, Herbert
Bell and Gossett Co.
Bennett-Ireland Inc.
Bethlehem Fabricators
Bigelow, Robert
Blagden, Thomas
Breuer, Marcel
Brooks, Henry
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Brown, Edward

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Conrad, Theodore
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Cook, B.
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Donza, John
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Evangelisti, Enio
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Farkas, Nicholas
Farris, Rose
Firmage, Margaret
Foscato, Vincent
Fred S. Dubin Associates
Freedman, H.
Freidin, Jack
Gagarin, Andrew
Gagarin, Jamie
Gatje, Robert
Gatter, Philip
Georg Jensen Inc.
George J. Switzer Co.
George L. O'Brien, Inc.
Gillotti, George
Goodwin, Philip
Grant Pulley and Hardware Corp.
Greenleaf, Sidney
H., R.
Hall-Mack Co.
Herman Miller Furniture Co.
Herries, A.
Hoffberger, J.
Howard Miller Clock Co.
Hultberg, Hilary
Hyman, Isabelle
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Jarvis, Geoff
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Landsberg, William
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M. Knoedler and Co.
MacKenzie, George
Marcel Breuer and Associates, 201 E. 57th St.
Marcel Breuer and Associates, 635 Madison Ave. New York
Marcel Breuer, Architect, 113 E. 37th St.
Marsted, Paul
Maurer, Laurie
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McKee, R.
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North Carolina State College, School of Design
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Stillman, Leslie
Stillman, Rufus
Stroheim and Romann
Surtzes, Edmund
Switzer, Edmund
Switzer, George
T., P.
Tarnoff, E.
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White Flower Farm
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Woodruff, B.
Gagarin House I

West Façade, Cantilevered Stairs

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Storage Tanks
Floor Rug

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Front Hall
Upright External Internal Forms

In 1954, Andrew and Jamie Gagarin approached Breuer about designing a house for their family in Litchfield, CT. This house was yet another commission that came to Breuer through his friendship with Rufus Stillman. The two-story house that Breuer designed for the Gagarins was constructed of steel framing elements and reinforced-concrete slabs. Breuer utilized his usual palette of materials during this time period, including painted brick, natural fieldstone and large expanses of glass. The lower floor of the slightly irregular rectangular volume contained the children's bedrooms and playroom, along with storage rooms and a workshop. The upper floor housed additional bedrooms, including the master bedroom in a projection off the main volume of the house. An angled entrance opened to a hallway leading to the master bedroom and the stairs to the lower level, nestled at the heart of the house. The living and dining rooms fronted a long paved terrace with areas for dancing and eating, which could also be accessed from the pool area by exterior stairs featured Breuer's signature metal railing and floating stair treads.