Heinersdorff House, Interiors

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Heinersdorff House, Interiors

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Ablegeböden in der Anrichte (nr. 48)
Gemüse Putz Tisch (nr. 50)
Küchentisch (nr. 57)

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Multi-Lens Window

Gottfried Heinersdoff commissioned the house from Walter Wurzbach but asked Breuer to design the interiors after Josef Albers recommended him for the job. For the entry hall, Breuer created geometric mosaics of black, white and gray tiles manufactured by Heinersdorff's firm, Puhl-Wanger-Heinersdorff. Breuer also created a distinctive window made of glass lenses, which was displayed at the 1930 Paris Salon des Artistes Décorateurs. Much of the furniture was of Breuer's design. The house was eventually sold to the Aquinata nursing sisters, who tore it down in 1972 in order to build a hospital on the site.