O.E. McIntyre, Inc.

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O.E. McIntyre, Inc.

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In 1954, Breuer designed a plant and office for the mail-order company, O. E. McIntre, Inc., located in Westbury, Long Island. Breuer envisioned a flat-roofed, single-story open plan building that was very similar to the design for the Torin Corporation building in Oakville, Ontario that he had built the previous year. Offices and a conference room and an I.B.M. computer occupied one corner of the floor plan. Natural light flooded the workspaces for direct-mail processes and the warehouse from the glass walls that wrapped three sides of the building. Curvilinear metal braces supported sunbreaks that shaded the expansive windows. A long canopy with a red soffit marked the entrance, and Breuer painted some interior walls in his signature colors of blue, red and yellow. The amenities provided for the workers included a snack bar and an exterior dining area outfitted with umbrellas, tables and chairs.