Pencil Points/Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company House, Competition

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Pencil Points/Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company House, Competition

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Breuer produced a 1,400-square-foot house with an offset cantilevered upper story for a competition sponsored by the magazine "Pencil Points" and the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company. He entered the competition under the pseudonym "UTYA-IPG." The ground floor volume with its wall of windows shaded by a slatted aluminum sunshade contained the living-dining room and kitchen. Sliding doors lead to the garden. The roof of the ground floor structure served as a terrace. The upper floor contained the bedrooms and was supported by pilotis and tension cables, which also stabilized the screen walls of the roof deck and the sunshade. Breuer envisioned a carport underneath the cantilevered portion of the house. The two stories were distinguished by their materials with stone veneer used for the ground floor while the second story was to be clad in white plywood. The sponsors requested permission to include Breuer's design in a book on the competition.