Schneider House

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Weisbaden Germany


v. Debschitz-Kunowski, W.

Schneider House

Model, Aerial View

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Model, Aerial View of North Elevation

The main volume of this concrete frame house rose three stories with each floor accessible from a ramp like that found in Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye. Exterior windows angled across the street façade, marking the path of the ramp on the exterior. The second floor, containing most of the public spaces of the house as well as the master bedroom, extended from the main volume in a long, rectangle lifted on pilotis. Its roof doubled as a terrace. Breuer also set a small, thin terrace perpendicular to the house. A spiral staircase provided access to both terraces. This project was often confused with the Melder House in Maehrisch-Ostrau, Czechoslovakia.