Harnischmacher Apartment, Interiors

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Harnischmacher Apartment, Interiors

Bett, Schuh, und Nachtschrank (nr. 114)

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Schiebbare Ablegebretter (nr. 112)
Glasvitrine (nr. 115)
Likörschrank (nr. 116)

Breuer received this commission through his mentor, Walter Gropius. Paul Harnischmacher was the wealthy President of a company that manufactured shoe-cleaning products. This apartment marked Breuer's first use of ebonized wood furniture, although he also incorporated the tubular-steel furniture for which he had become famous. In the living room, Breuer outlined the wall elements in a thin line of dark trim, a rare decorative motif. Breuer's walls were normally painted a single color with at most a baseboard of contrasting color. He also experimented with a new lighting fixture that consisted of angled reflectors that ran the length of the room. Breuer simultaneously renovated an office for Paul Harnischmacher in Mainz, and a few years later, received his first house commission from Paul and his wife, Marianne.