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1949 - 1953

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New York, NY USA


Abbot, Lester and Co., Inc.
Aetna Casualty and Surety Co.
American Interphone Co.
Anchor Carpet and Linoleum Co., Inc.
Anton Maix Fabrics, Inc.
Arc Electrical Construction Co., Inc.
Archer, M.
Atlas Tile and Marble Works
Bacchetti, R.
Ball, Irene
Barker Bros. Painting Corp.
Beilin, W.
Borden Metal Products Co.
Borden, A.
Breuer, Marcel

Broadbrook Furniture Co.
Cannata, Inez
Central Queens Electric Supply Corp.
Century Lighting, Inc.
Chappetta, Daniel
Cohen, Edward
Costikyan, Clark
Courtney, Albert
Craftsmen's Products Co.
Cross and Brown Co.
Crown Decorating Corp.
Custom Flooring, Inc.
D and R Furniture Industries
Dennis, Albro
Drey, Claude
Elkind, Dan
Emery Roth and Sons
Fedigan, James
Feldman, Melvin
Filtered Water Service Corp.
Firmage, Margaret
Flanagan, Roselou
Frane, E.
Fraser, Jr., Peter
Functional Furniture Manufacturers
Gannon, Theo
Gincavage, Raymond
Gotham Lighting Corp.
Granite Woodworking Co.
Groban, Robert
Hoffman, Albert
Itkin Bros., Inc.
Itkin, Sam
Jacobson and Co., Inc.
Janoff, E.
John Cullo Marble Co., Inc.
John J. Matheson and Co., Inc.
Kaiser Construction Co.
Kaiser, Dale
Kash, Ira
Kaufman Carpet Co.
Kent-Costikyan, Inc.
Kersta, Noran
Knoll Associates Inc.
Kook, E.
Kristeller, John
Landsberg, William
Laverne Originals
Laverne, Erwine
LeCaron, Charles
Lundberg, George
M., E.
Marcel Breuer and Stamo Papadaki, 850 7th Ave., New York
Marcel Breuer, Architect, 113 E. 37th St.
Maser, H.
Matheson, John
McCandless, Stanley
McCann Built Kitchens
Millhauser, Natalie
Morell Plastering Co., Inc.
Murphy, J.
Murphy-Brinkworth Construction Corp.
National Business Equipment Co.
Newbury, Harold
Novelty Scenic Studios, Inc.
Paulsen-Webber Cordage Corp.
Pfeiffer, Ernst
Printers' Ink
Prostowich, Walter
Quick, Henry
Radio Corp. of America
Rand, Paul
Rich, I.
Root, Ballantine, Harlan, Bushby and Palmer
Roth, Richard
Rothschild, Richard
Scherbak Specialties Co.
Scheuer, John
Schuster and Geiger
Schuster, Mathias
Schwartz, Paul
Schweitzer, Ulrich
Scott, Stuart
Sherman, Ira
Strout, Don
Templar Oil Products Co.
Thomann, Louis
Title Guarantee and Trust Co.
Torre, Anthony
Uris Brothers
Waldvogel Bros.
Wall Trends, Inc.
Weintraub, William
William H. Weintraub and Co., Inc.
Zelenz, William
Weintraub Agency

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In 1949, Breuer received the commission to design the interiors for the William H. Weintraub advertising agency located on the 17th floor of a building at 488 Madison Avenue. He implemented the partition layout devised with the input of the client and created color and lighting schemes for the office. Breuer also designed the entrance lobby and created custom furniture for Mr. Weintraub's office and the conference room.