Heckscher Museum, Expansion

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Heckscher Museum, Expansion

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Breuer and his partner Hamilton Smith designed an unbuilt extension to the Heckscher Museum in Huntington, Long Island in the mid-1970s. Design development continued until 1977, a year after Breuer’s retirement from the firm. Renderings show a two-story building located to the rear of the existing museum and organized around a central terrace. Breuer and Smith also included a second L-shaped terrace accessible from the upper floor of the museum and overlooking the entrance. Motifs from other Breuer museum buildings reappear here. Like the education wing at the Cleveland Museum of Art of a few years earlier, most of the external walls contained no windows. The exceptions were the glazed walls surrounding the terrace. And like the Whitney Museum, the entrance was reached by a bridge across a sculpture garden, although the garden was at ground level not below grade as at the Whitney. Lack of funds after an unsuccessful application for a federal public-works grant caused the project to founder.