Clarksburg Harrison Public Library

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1974 - 1975

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Clarksburg, WV USA


A. C. and S., Inc.
Alexander, J.
American Institute of Architects
American Institute of Architects, West Virginia Chapter
American Printing House for the Blind
Anderson, Stewart
Anton Maix Fabrics, Inc.
Asbury, Barbara
Bailey, Gary
Bailey, Inc.
Barnes and Brass Co.
Barton, Richard
Beall, Campbell
Beckhard, Herbert
Belden-Stark Brick Corporation

Benjamin, I.
Bonanno, B.
Borror, Jack
Boyer, Richard
Brannon, John
Breuer, Marcel
Brewer and Company of West Virginia, Inc.
Bridges, Paul
Bright, John
Bruhn, Carl
Buchanan, Joseph
Burlington Elevators, Inc.
Burnside, Jr., Lester
Bush, H.
C and P Telephone Co.
C. H. Liston Company
Cain, H.
Calame, Byron
Campbell, James
Chandler's Plywood Products
City of Clarksburg (West Virginia)
Clark, Frank
Clarksburg Area Development Authority
Clarksburg Exponent
Clarksburg Public Library
Clarksburg Water Board
Clarksburg-Harrison Cultural Foundation, Inc.
Cohen, Melvin
Cold Spring Granite Co.
Colnes, Martin
Consolidated Gas Supply Corporation
Consolidated Supply Co.
Construction Building Specialties, Inc.
Conway, L.
Cooke, Ronald
Cotton Elevator Company, Inc.
Cotton, James
Crane Construction Co.
Cross, L.
Cully, Robert
Curran, W.
Curtin, George
Curtin, Mary
Custom Carpets Inc.
Cutlip, W.
Dalton and Dunne
Davis, Richard
Dayton, Richard
De Camp, Crane
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
Department of Public Works (Clarksburg, WV)
Dillon Office Furniture
Dodge Plan Room
Dodge Scan
Douglas, Don
Dunne, William
Eckert Drilling Co.
Eckler, Carolyn
Edison Price, Inc.
Emerson Electric Co.
Engineered Products, Inc.
Equitable Gas Company
Evans, Bob
F. A. Russo, Inc.
Fairmont Engineering
Fida, L.
Fintel, Nathan
Forcucci, John
Foy Johnson, Inc.
Foy, James
Galvin, Hoyt
Gelland, Carolyn
General Glass Co., Inc.
General Woodworking Company
Glazer, Frederick
Granco Steel Products Co.
H. J. Kaufman and Associates
Hayes, Thomas
Healy, Julia
Heefner, Mabel
Herrera, Philip
Herron, Thomas
Hilliard, Robert
Hogan, James
Honor Bros.
Hope Natural Gas Co.
Hope's Windows, Inc.
Hornor Brothers Engineers
Hornor, J.
Hoyt Galvin and Associates
Hudspeth, Robert
Ideal-Sayre, Studio, Inc.
Insurance Service Office of West Virginia
Jack's Friendly, Inc.
Jackson, P.
James and Law Co.
Jansen and Rogan
Jarvis, James
Jensen, Martin
Johnson, Jean
Kenhill Construction Company
Kerns, Jon
Kesling, Don
King, John
King, Whalen
Kyle and Company
Leoni, Robert
Lepore, Albert
Lessig, C.
Levy, Matthys
Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Co.
Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.
Loser, E.
Loyal Conway
Lynch, Gretchen
M., E.
Maix, Allyn
Manchins Carpets
Marcel Breuer and Associates
Marcel Breuer and Associates, 635 Madison Ave. New York
Marks Construction Co.
Maxwell, Jr., Frank
May, Nila
McCafferty, A.
McCafferty, Thomas
McDaniel, Charles
McDaniel, John
McHugh, Albert
Mellon-Stuart Co.
Miller, Robert
Mitchell, William
Monongahela Power Company
Moore, A.
Morgan, James
Morgenthaler, Eric
Mosler Safe Company
Mulach Steel Corporation
Mulfab Co.
Mullen, Evelyn
Murphy Door Bed Co.
N., G.
National Fire Protection Association
Nazarowski, Anthony
Neely, A.
Neighborgall Construction Co.
Neo-Ray Products, Inc.
Neuer, Helen
Notifier Corporation
Oestreich, Melvin
Office of Code Enforcement (Charleston, WV)
Office of Code Enforcement (Clarksburg, WV)
Office of Federal Contract Compliance
Office of the State Fire Marshal (West Virginia)
Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council, Inc.
Ohio Valley Fence Co., Inc.
Ouzoonian, A.
Palace Furniture Company
Papalas, Nick
Parks, R.
Paul Weidlinger
Perkis, R.
Pigott, George
Pioneer Contracting Company
Pittsburgh Builders Exchange
Pomocky, A.
Price, Edison
R. L. Wilson and J. D. King, Architects
Republic Steel Corp.
Rettger, Jack
Rogan, R.
Rusoff, Eliot
Ruth, Jack
S. F. Anderson and Son
S., H.
Safranek, James
Sailer, Fanny
Samson Window Corp.
Saporito, Paul
Schumer, Harry
Scott, Harold
Seitz, Catherine
Sias, Jr., Ercel
Silverstein, M.
Siteline, Inc.
Smith, D.
Smith, Hamilton
Smittle, III, Walter
Southern Steel Products Co.
Sperry Rand Co.
Sperry Remington Library Bureau
Stammer and Associates
Stemple, Robert
Stephens, John
Sterling, B.
Stone and Thomas
Stratton Industries, Inc.
Stuart-McMunn Company
Sutter Roofing and Metal Co., Inc.
T., R.
Talbott, R.
Talkington, Jr., Walter
Taylor, E.
Theis, Robert
Thompson Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Thorn, Ralph
Thrasher, Henry
Tinney Drilling Co., Inc.
Tri-State Builders Hardware, Inc.
Trimble, Kenneth
Triumph Metal Products, Inc.
Turzilli, Robert
Underwriter's Laboratories
United Tile and Carpet Store, Inc.
Wall Street Journal
Wallace, Ken
Watson, Jr., P.
Weidlinger Associates
Weidlinger, Paul
West Virginia Library Commission
White, Richard
Whitley, Harry
Wiesman, John
Wiesman, Robert
Wischmann, J.
Witte, Robert
Wong, Andrew
Wooten, Lester
Workman's Compensation Fund, State of Virginia
Wright, P.
Yeater, Harold
Young, Alfred
Yu, Jane
Zapf, William
Zilberstein, Maurice
Clarksburg Harrison Public Library

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Clarksburg Area Development for Clarksburg Area Development Authority

The city of Clarksburg, West Virginia hired Breuer to design the new central branch of the city and county public library system in early 1973. Breuer and his partner, Hamilton P. Smith, took their cue from the materials used for many other buildings in the town, utilizing brick for the exterior material. But the library was also a departure for the Appalachian town. The two-story box featured glazed voids punched into the otherwise planar facades and deep overhangs. Garden courtyards, enclosed by five-foot high walls provided private spaces for patrons to read, and a large, windowed area marked the entrance and allowed natural light to penetrate the reading room on the second floor.