Saint John's Residence Hall II

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1965 - 1967

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Collegeville, MN USA


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Saint John

Perspective Rendering

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Perspective Rendering
Plan of Cafeteria
Proposed Additioanl Parking Lot, War Memorial and Flagpole - West of St. Mary's

Breuer’s office began working on the comprehensive plan for Saint John’s Abbey and University Complex in May of 1953. They designed the first, L-shaped residence hall for the university between 1957 and 1959. Almost a decade later, Breuer and his associated Hamilton Smith designed a second residence hall that utilized many of the design features of the first. An early design echoed the form of the existing hall to create a U-shaped complex around a courtyard, although it consisted of three rectangular volumes rather than two and the study lounges projected into the center of the courtyard rather than outward. The final design moved Residence Hall II to another site on campus. It still consisted of three rectangular volumes and like its predecessor featured a modular, concrete façade. However, Breuer replaced the thin concrete fins separating the rooms with heavier faceted panels.