Saint John's Campus Center

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Collegeville, MN USA


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Breuer, Marcel
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St. John's Abbey
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Saint John

Exterior Elevations (No. A9)

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Swimming Pavilion Frame Study

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Breuer’s office began working on the comprehensive plan for Saint John’s Abbey and University Complex in May of 1953. More than a decade later, in 1966, Breuer designed a Campus Center containing a student union and swimming pavilion. Had it been built, the Campus Center would have been bordered by residence halls to the south. Design development drawings show Breuer working through a number of designs for the exterior façade of the student union before settling on a version consisting of vertical bays in which rectangular windows fronted by precast concrete sunshades alternated with brick panels. The two-story building contained a snack bar with a terrace, a billiard room and offices on the lower floor and a kitchen and dining room on the upper floor.