Saint John's Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research

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1967 - 1968

Project Types

Collegeville, MN USA


Agricultural Insurance Co.
Alexander, John
Allied Thermal Corp.
Althams, Leo
American Institute of Architects
Anderson-Ladd, Inc.
B., M.
B., P.
Bather, E.
Bed Frame Co.
Borgen, Robert
Bredemus Hardware Co.
Bredemus, Leonard
Breuer, Marcel
Brown, I.

Clarence Landwehr Heavy Moving
Cold Spring Electric Co.
Cold Spring Granite Co.
Collette, Roderick
Cowden, J.
Czainy, S.
Donlin Co.
Donlin, Gerald
Dorf, Norman
Drake Marble Co.
E. C. Bather and Associates
Edmund J. Hinkemeyer Painting and Decorating Co.
Elmer T. Hebert, Inc.
Employers Reinsurance Corp.
Farris, Mary
Fintel, Nathan
G., R.
Garcy Corp.
Gatje, Robert
Gausman and Moore, Inc.
Gausman, Glenn
Gopher Stone Co.
H., T.
Hebert, Elmer
Hedlund, Irene
Hinkemeyer, Edmund
Housing and Home Finance Agency
Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research
Insulation Sales Co.
J. C. Penney Co., Inc.
J., M.
J., S.
Jelliffe, Robert
Jellum, Orland
Johnston Sahlman Co.
Johnston, Milan
K., S.
Kaminski, J.
Kaufman, Ephrem
Keh, Irene
Keller, Adrian
Knoll Associates Inc.
Knutson, Vernon
Ladd, John
Landwehr, Ronald
Levy, Matthys
Lurey, Edward
Luten Clary Stern, Inc.
M. A. Mortenson Co.
M., G.
M., S.
MacArthur Co.
Marcel Breuer and Associates
Marcel Breuer and Associates, 635 Madison Ave. New York
Marshall, Frank
McDonnell, Kilian
McKinnon, Lee
McMahon, B.
Minuti-Ogle, Inc.
Monarch Furniture Co.
Moore, Gordon
Morrison, Frank
Mortenson, Jr., M.
Mortenson, Sr., M.
Mory, Robert
Muggli, Florian
O'Brien, Thomas
Order of St. Benedict, Inc.
Papachristou, Tician
Pawling Rubber Corp.
Peterson, J.
Ray, Cleveland
Rochester Maintenance Supplies Co.
Roth, H.
S., M.
S., S.
Schneider, Botho
Sekey, Suzanne
Shibrowski, Richard
Smith, Hamilton
St. Cloud Glass Co.
St. Cloud Roofing Co.
St. John's Abbey
Stearns and Foster Co.
Tam, B.
Terhaar, Jim
Theban, Polly
Theis, Robert
Tri-States Iron Works
Twin Cities Testing Laboratory, Inc.
Unger Furniture Co.
Unger, Fred
United States Register Co.
V., D.
Vachon, David
Wagner, Donald
Wagner, Harold
Weidlinger, Paul
Weidner Plumbing and Heating
Weidner, George
Zekala, Edward
Saint John

Perspective Rendering

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Perspective Rendering
Furniture and Apartments plans (Dwg. Nos. C1/D1, C2/D2)
Furniture, Desks, Cabinets Plans (Dwg. Nos. CAB1 - CAB11, T1-T8)

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Unit C, Looking NE
Unit B, Looking NW
Unit D, Looking NW

Breuer’s office began working on the comprehensive plan for Saint John’s Abbey and University Complex in May of 1953. Between 1967 and 1968, Breuer and his associate Robert Gatje designed a five building complex known as the Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research. The architects set the low, flat-roofed rectangular buildings into a hillside facing the Little Watab Lake. The buildings featured horizontal expanses of glazing set into brick walls and raised upon fieldstone bases. Breuer and Gatje placed building A at the center of the composition. It contained offices and bedrooms on either side of a chapel and living room with a freestanding fireplace. Building B was located directly behind building A but further away from the shoreline. Symmetrical living areas mirrored each other along a central axis. Both sides contained numerous bedrooms, a study and a large living/dining area. Buildings C and D flanked building A. They consisted of smaller residential pavilions separated by stone terraces but linked visually by low, stone walls. Building E, located behind building B, was a simple rectangle of three, brick walls. It’s fourth wall featured three glass doors.