Grand Coulee Dam, Columbia Basin Project, Visitor Arrival Center

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1976 - 1978

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Grand Coulee, WA USA


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Grand Coulee Dam, Columbia Basin Project, Visitor Arrival Center

Exterior Perspective (No. 7)

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Construction Set: Architectural
Basement Floor, Ground Floor (No. E-2)
Proposed Quarry Tile Sill in Lieu of Granite Sill at Doors (No. SK-2)

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Work on Breuer’s design for the Grand Coulee Third Power Plant and Forebay Dam was already underway when the Bureau of Reclamation asked Breuer to design a Visitor Arrival Center for the dam complex. Breuer and Hamilton Smith’s original designs for the visitor center consisted of an elevated structure that looked like two diamonds touching at one tip in plan. These diamonds were raised on massive triangular concrete slabs that carried projecting concrete staircases. Budget cutbacks forced Breuer to redesign the center. The built design is a circular structure reminiscent of a space ship made of modular concrete panels, each containing a deeply recessed window at its base.