Torin Corporation (Rochester)

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Torin Corporation (Rochester)

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The Torin Corporation, formerly the Torrington Manufacturing Company, produced air-moving equipment and had its headquarters in Torrington, CT. Breuer and his associate Robert Gatje built the third of nine buildings for the company between 1960 and 1968. A double-height manufacturing area occupied most of the floor plan with a reception area and offices along the eastern wall. Locker rooms and a storage area could be found on the second floor above the offices. Breuer specified a different fenestration pattern for each façade but created a unified design through the use of common materials: a black-painted steel frame defined bays of concrete block walls. The eastern façade featured an off-center entrance with a cantilevered canopy and suspended sunscreens of hexagonal metal grates covering the upper portion of the windows. As Isabelle Hyman has pointed out, Breuer’s design for the entrance façade deeply was influenced by Mies van der Rohe’s Crown Hall at the Illinois Institute of Technology.