Torin Corporation (Penrith)

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Torin Corporation (Penrith)

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Scheme 3A (annotated prints)
Site Plan
Plan Showing Details and Levels on Lot 4

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Construction Photograph - Facade with Scaffolding
Construction Photograph - Facade behind Wall
Construction Photograph - Details of Walls

The Torin Corporation, formerly the Torrington Manufacturing Company, produced air-moving equipment and had its headquarters in Torrington, CT. In 1976, Breuer and his partner Herbert Beckhard designed a factory for the company in Penrith, Australia in association with Harry Seidler and Associates. Seidler was a former student and employee of Breuer’s who went on to a successful career in his native land. The massive, sharp-edged stone volumes featured narrow, horizontal strips of windows shaded by projecting concrete hoods. Two, smaller volumes with one angled side extended from the main rectangular mass of the building, loosely inspired by Egyptian architecture. Between 1952 and 1976, Breuer’s firm designed numerous other projects for the Torin Corporation.