Hooper House II

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1957 - 1959

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Baltimore, MD USA


American-Mohawk Co.
Argabright, Joseph
Beckhard, Herbert
Breuer, Marcel
Brown, Michael
Cehovin, Joseph
Chicago Spring Hinges
Cieslak, J.
Crane Co.
Custom Music Systems, Inc.
Dalton, Liam
Dan Kiley and Partners
Dietrich Brothers, Inc.
Donnelly, Charles
Elmer T. Hebert, Inc.

Hooper House II

Elevations (No. 3)

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In the late 1950s, Breuer designed a second house in Baltimore for his longtime client Edith Ferry Hooper. The seven-bedroom, 7,000-square-foot house was to be located on property fronting a lake and adjacent to the city’s bird sanctuary. Breuer and his associate Herbert Beckhard set the low profile, two-storey house into a hillside. The main living spaces of the binuclear plan were above grade and separated into public and private zones around a central atrium. The kitchen, living and dining rooms were accessed from the right side of the entrance gallery while six bedrooms and three baths surrounded a central playroom to the left. The below-grade lower level was set perpendicular to the main floor, overlapping only at one corner. It contained mostly service spaces such as the caretaker’s apartment, stables, carport and the boiler room. Breuer executed the house in fieldstone with floor-to-ceiling glass on much of the lakeside facade. Each of the bedrooms was also provided with expansive glass windows, while the front door was the only opening in the stark expanse of the entrance façade. Jonathan S. Foster restored the house in 1993.