Paepcke Vacation House

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Paepcke Vacation House

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In 1959, Walter Paepcke, the President of Container Corporation of America, who developed much of Aspen, Colorado, asked Breuer to design a house for him. Breuer and his associate Herbert Beckhard created a striking design with a curved, barrel-vaulted roof of reinforced concrete painted white. The barrel vault covered a rectangular floor plan in which a large living/dining area with a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows and a sculptural fireplace took pride of place. The kitchen and bedrooms bordered the living areas on two sides in an L-shaped formation. The design also included a narrow, rectangular carport. Breuer enclosed both structures in a 6-foot high wall, creating private outdoor terraces in the spaces between them. Breuer never built the Paepcke Vacation House, but a decade later he repurposed the design for the Geller House II.