Scarves by Vera, Showroom (112 W. 9th Street)

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Scarves by Vera, Showroom (112 W. 9th Street)

Plan (No. D-2)

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Interior Details
Two-Way Display Unit
S.S. Hanging Edge

Breuer designed several showrooms for Vera and George Neumann’s furnishing and fashion-design enterprise, Scarves by Vera. Breuer used a curved plywood screen and angled bamboo screens to define the space of the Los Angeles showroom. Storage rooms, a water cooler, sink and hot plate were placed on the concave side of the curved plywood screen. An office and secretary’s area could be found on the other side of the trapezoidal showroom. Breuer also designed furniture for the project including display units for the office and showroom and two lozenge-shaped sales tables.