Scarves by Vera, Showroom (1411 Broadway)

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Scarves by Vera, Showroom (1411 Broadway)

Layout of Hook Spacing on Display Units and Details (No. SK-1)

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Furnishing Plan
Furniture Layout

Breuer designed several showrooms for Vera and George Neumann's furnishing and fashion-design enterprise, Scarves by Vera. For the showroom at 1411 Broadway in New York, Breuer renovated half of a floor in a midtown office building. A central showroom featured y-shaped display units with copper, brass and nickel surfaces. It was flanked on one side by a warren of offices and on the other by a flexible space with removable display units, separated from the central showroom by a sliding panel. Breuer’s office also designed a number of custom wall units constructed of painted wood, plastic laminate, and cork for the pantry, reproduction area, and other rooms.