Space Sculpture

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Torrington, CT USA


Breuer, Marcel
Zainoeddin, Hasram

Space Sculpture

Elevation No. 2

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Elevations No. 1 and 2
Presentation Set

Breuer and Hasram Zainoeddin designed two versions of a space sculpture for the Torin Corporation in Torrington, Connecticut. The first design dated August 1973 shows a symmetrical design in which stepped structures taller than a man formed the corners of a square sculpture, surrounding a smaller flat square. A month later the two men created an asymmetrical u-shaped design. A trapezoidal slab of polish granite nestled within a stepped structure of reinforced concrete over wire mesh. The projects show Breuer’s interest in the ziggurat form that he also utilized for unbuilt projects like the auditorium and exhibition hall for the Interama exposition center almost a decade earlier.