Strom Thurmond Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse

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1975 - 1982

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Columbia, SC USA


Alster and Associates, Inc.
American Motorist Insurance Company
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Balentine, Edward
Barnes, Ray
Beckhard, Herbert
Beech, Jack
Bowers, Joseph
CNA Insurance
Cameron Hood Associates
Campbell, Jr., Hugh
Cold Spring Granite Co.
Continental Casualty Co.
Cornell, Leslie
Davis and Floyd Engineers, Inc.

Strom Thurmond Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse

Courtroom Perspective

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Main Stair Details (No. 72)
Topo Map - New Federal Courthouse Area
Richland and Lexington Counties Joint Planning Commission (Sheet No. 8) (annotated print)

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Design on the Strom Thurmond Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in Columbia, South Carolina began during Breuer’s final years at his firm. His successor firm, MBA, completed the project after Breuer’s retirement in 1976. James C. Hemphill, Jr., a local architect served as the associated architect on the project. The project combined a sixteen-storey office tower raised on square pilotis with a low courthouse building set at a 90 degree angle. The two buildings were connected by an tunnel underground. Both featured Breuer’s signature modular concrete panels with projecting horizontal fins to shield the window below from the sun and dark gray granite cladding. Concrete coffered ceilings decorated the public spaces, while vertical hardwood paneling ornamented the interiors of the courtrooms. Early tenants included the U.S. Courts, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Geological Survey, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In 2003, the federal courts moved to a new location, and the. General Services Administration began to explore options for the reuse of the space.