Torin Corporation, Assembly Plant (Lawton)

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Torin Corporation, Assembly Plant (Lawton)

Elevations (No. 3)

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Proposed Block Layout
Drainage Layout (annotated print)
Blocks 108, 109 and 120, Lawton View Addition

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Aerial Photograph (No. 09-023)
Aerial Photograph (No. 08-023)

The Torin Corporation, formerly the Torrington Manufacturing Company, produced air-moving equipment and had its headquarters in Torrington, CT. The successor firm to Marcel Breuer and Associates, MBA, designed a tenth project for the Torin Corporation after Breuer’s retirement in 1976. The low building featured many familiar design elements from Breuer’s earlier projects for the company; it was clad in vertical metal siding with horizontal strips of windows, this time on the east and south elevations. A triangular volume projected from the roof and was glazed on the northern side, funneling light into the assembly plant.