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Construction Set: Furniture (F1-F33)

Click to show Confessionals and Main Entrance Doors Between Baptistry and Nave (Dwg. No. F1) 1 Click to show Confessionals, Organ Space and  Crying Room at East and West Walls of Parish Church Nave (Dwg. No. F2) 2 Click to show Laminated Wood Pews and Terrazzo Pedestals for Main Church and Parish Church (Dwg. No. F3) 3 Click to show Laminated Wood Pews, Wood Railing and Terrazzo Pedestals at Balcony (Dwg. No. F4) 4 Click to show Seating and Terrazzo Pattern in Main Church, Parish Church. Visitor's Seating: Brother's Chapel. (Dwg. No. F5) 5 Click to show Seating Layouts and Sections (Dwg. No. F6) 6 Click to show Details: Choir Stalls (Dwg. No. F7) 7 Click to show Choir Stall and Parapet (Dwg. No. F8) 8 Click to show Choir Stall and Parapet: Plan Sections. Kneeler Bracket.  (Dwg. No. F9) 9 Click to show Chapter House: Typical Stall (Dwg. No. F10) 10 Click to show St. Peregrines Shrine: Plans, Elevations and Details (Dwg. No. F11) 11 Click to show Vestement Cabinet: Private Chapel (16 Typical, 2 Special) (Dwg. No. F12) 12 Click to show Baldaquin: Private Chapels. Wood Louvres: Parish Church and Brother's Chapel. (Dwg. No. F13) 13 Click to show Lady Chapel and Wood Panel: Cloister No. 1 (Dwg. No. F14) 14 Click to show Main Sanctuary: Reference Sheet. Organ Balcony Side: Chapel Screen Details. (Dwg. No. F15) 15 Click to show Main Sanctuary: Reference Sheet. Baldaquin Suspension Details. (Dwg. No. F16) 16 Click to show Main Altar Baldaquin (Dwg. No. F17) 17 Click to show Main Altar Baldaquin: Hanger, Speaker and Lighting Details (Dwg. No. F18) 18 Click to show Main Apse Organ Screen (Dwg. No. F19) 19 Click to show Baptismal Font (Dwg. No. F20) 20 Click to show Main Altar and Granite Furnishings for Brother's Chapel (Dwg. No. F21) 21 Click to show Main Sanctuary Furnishings in Bush Hammered Concrete. St. Peregrine's Altar. (Dwg. No. F22) 22 Click to show Parish Chapel Furnishings in Bush Hammered Concrete. Brother's Chapel Baldaquin and Credence Table. (Dwg. No. F23) 23 Click to show Parish Chapel Altar. Miscellaneous Granite Work. (Dwg. No. F24) 24 Click to show Courtyard: Landscaping. Stations of the Cross. Load Distribution Slab: Abbot's Dias. (Dwg. No. F25) 25 Click to show Audio: Main Church Lectern Mikes, Main Church Balconies (Speakers), Parish Church and Crying Room (Dwg. No. F26) 26 Click to show Baldaquin: Parish Church. Other Metalwork. (Dwg. No. F27) 27 Click to show Organ Screen: Brother's Chapel. Wood Air Grilles. (Dwg. No. F28) 28 Click to show Abbot's Dias. Stone Benches: Chapter House Ante Room. (Dwg. No. F29) 29 Click to show Light Fixtures. Lavabo Towel Bar. (Dwg. No. F30) 30 Click to show Miscellaneous Woodwork (Dwg. No. F31) 31 Click to show Individual Chapel Altars (Dwg. No. F32) 32 Click to show Pastor's Office Cabinet and Typewriter Cabinet (Dwg. No. F33) 33

1959-04-17 - 1960-07-13

Project Name
Saint John's Church and Campanile

Collegeville, MNĀ USA

Project Type

B., L. (Draftsman)
C., R. (Draftsman)
Freidin, Jack (Draftsman)
H., U. (Draftsman)
Smith, Hamilton (Draftsman)
Meier, Richard (Draftsman)
K., P. (Draftsman)
Kistler, Dan (Draftsman)

Marcel Breuer and Associates, 201 E. 57th St. (Architect)
Wiesenfeld, Hayward and Leon (Engineer)
Gausman and Moore, Inc. (Engineer)
Traynor and Hermanson (Associated architect)




Syracuse University

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