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Construction Set: Architectural Details (SK-A drawings)

Click to show Additional Wiring Requirements (Dwg. No. SK A13) 1 Click to show Sketch Showing Revised Reveal Detail at Metal Windows (Dwg. No. SK A4) 2 Click to show Structural Revision: Confessional Wall (Dwg. No. SK A5) (Superceded) 3 Click to show Structural Revision: Confessional Wall (Dwg. No. SK A5R) 4 Click to show Duct Revision in West Confessionals (Dwg. No. SK A6) 5 Click to show Relocation of Stoop and Aumbry (Dwg. No. SK A7) 6 Click to show Dwg. No. SK A8 7 Click to show Proposed Section Through Return Headers at Our Lady Chapel (Dwg. No. SK A9) 8 Click to show Revisions to Concrete Hexagons and Aluminum Sash (Dwg. No. SK A10) 9 Click to show Bell Tower Cross (Dwg. No. SK A11) 10 Click to show Revisions to Atrium Porch Steps, Piazza and Steps for Snow Melting System (Dwg. No. SK A14) 11 Click to show Baptistry Area Revisions (Dwg. No. SK A15) 12 Click to show Main Balcony Rear Parapet Revision for Added Fixtures (Dwg. No. SK A16) 13 Click to show Doors 2/28 and 2/29 (Dwg. No. SK A19) 14 Click to show Bookcase on West Wall of Cloister No. 2. Door 3/16 in Cloister No. 2. (Dwg. No. SK A20) 15 Click to show Chapter House Dias (Dwg. No. SK A21) 16 Click to show Louvers: Main Roof Truss Air Vents (Dwg. No. SK A23) 17 Click to show Pastor's Office: Screen and Sub- Frame (Dwg. No. SK A24) 18 Click to show Conversion of Sash in  Door 3/1 to Independent Panel (Dwg. No. SK A25) 19 Click to show Additional Doors: Cloister Passages (Dwg. No. SK A26) 20 Click to show Lady Chapel Lighting (Dwg. No. SK A12) 21 Click to show Paving Pattern: Main Seating Balcony. Pew Pedestals. (Dwg. No. SK A22) 22 Click to show Geometry of Banner (Dwg. No. SK A1) 23 Click to show Geometry of Banner (Dwg. No. SK A2) 24 Click to show Geometry of Banner (Dwg. No. SK A3) 25 Click to show Sanctuary Plan (Revisions to Sheet A-21). Organ Balcony Revisions. (Dwg. No. SK A 17) 26 Click to show Revision to Tile Grille: Cloister Passages (Dwg. No. SK A18) 27

1958-07-15 - 1962-02-05

Project Name
Saint John's Church and Campanile

Collegeville, MNĀ USA

Project Type

D., C. (Draftsman)
Smith, Hamilton (Draftsman)
Kistler, Dan (Draftsman)
C., R. (Draftsman)

Wiesenfeld, Hayward and Leon (Engineer)
Gausman and Moore, Inc. (Engineer)
Traynor and Hermanson (Associated architect)
Marcel Breuer and Associates, 201 E. 57th St. (Architect)




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